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Hi, Welcome to my blog!

You will probably want to start by reading the ‘about me‘ page.  But other than that I have written this page to help you find your way around my blog a little easier :)

Links to other pages/sites are often shown as BLACK text on my blog, although sometimes I will make them stand out as links with Purple or blue text if they’re are especially good.

To find your way round my site you can use a variety of methods -

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I welcome comments and feedback and if you wish to write a guest post or want me to write one for you please just drop me a line and we can arrange something :)

Right, I’ll let you get back to the blog now! enjoy :)


13 comments on “New? Start Here!

  1. Thank you for writing this blog. I am starting to understand more about myself each day. Both myself and my cousin have these symptoms and worst of all we don’t look at them as problems.

  2. I too thank you. I have been reading a few articles today and I tell you, your true explanation of the symptoms is very disturbing. But the truth hurts, right? Sometimes we dont want to hear it, but we need to face it either way. Thank you.

    I have a problem I thought you might be acquainted with and maybe be inspired to write an article on?

    For the last three years I have been having been living daily in flashbacks and wallowing in negative experiences. II have seen a Psyciatrist this looking for an answer how to end it (it is really draining) and his answer was “You can´t. Because Its is recorded in your brain”. I wasnt satisfied with his answer, because I have lived without old intrusive memories.

    xxx Elke

    • Hi Elke, Thank you :) I wonder if it is those things replaying in my mind that cause me to still have sudden dips in mood when I am otherwise doing okay? because for me I don’t have flashbacks and wallowing at a conscious level (thankfully) but I suspect such things could be happening just beneath the surface as I will get drained and low spells that appear to be triggered by nothing at all on the surface yet I can feel that it is something ‘past’ that is making me feel down… I will have to think on that one some more and record a bit about it the next time it happens to see if I can formulate an article on it!…

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