Hello world!

An impressive Bacon Butty.

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Okay, so I used to blog but it has been a while… why?  To be honest I couldn’t be bothered, always had something ‘better’ to do than bore people with ‘what I’ve been doing today’ so why start again? Not really sure, do I have more interesting stuff to share now? Not really, do I have more time for it? again not really… but here I am so lets just see how it goes…

At the moment I am really struggling with boredom, I am off work due to tearing a muscle in my shoulder.  I spend most of my day either in agony or sleeping because I have taken my painkillers and they have knocked me out, not really conducive to being productive. Which when you are me is beyond frustrating as there is nothing worse than being ‘lazy’ for someone like me who has to have every minute of every day filled to the brim with things to do or I start going crazy with boredom… which is where I am now.  In the periods I am awake I can only concentrate for a few minutes before pain or drowsiness take hold, so I am achieving very little 😦  Yesterday I managed to stay awake for a whole 3 hours which enabled me to complete a course on ConnectWise University for work, my greatest achievement this week!

Today I plan to go out for a walk at lunchtime, it will be my first time out of the house this week and the exercise is much needed!  How I will manage this feat will be interesting considering not only do I have the challenge of my pain and inability to stay awake but there is also a thick layer of snow (and ice) outside with freezing temperatures (a high of -1).

Luckily both my teenagers schools were open today at least so I don’t have to worry about finding yet another way to keep them occupied whilst being unable to keep myself awake – haha

Well I’m going to have another kip now, then a yummy bacon butty for lunch before my challenging walk… who knows I may even blog a bit more later…