And so the Weekend…

Well it certainly looks like this blogging isn’t going to be a daily occurrence, actually yesterday I was mostly busy preparing quality assurance documents for work and doing market research for the small business I intend to start, I wont say too much about it yet as its a long way from fruition and will only be a little sideline to supplement my income (unless it takes of amazingly but that’s just wishful thinking at this stage – haha).

When I wasn’t staring at a computer screen I spent the rest of the day battling with my worn out tumble dryer to get a load of washing dry – even in this freezing weather it would probably have dried quicker if I had put it out on the washing line! Thankfully my new dryer is being delivered Tuesday morning so then I can return to the ‘set and forget’ mode I had grown so accustomed to, phew

This morning was not much fun, i had to take my son out for yet more new trousers/jeans, I spent a fortune on new clothes for him less than two months ago but he has grown (mainly outwards rather than up) so much that he literally had just three pairs of jeans left that fitted him and considering I have to send a minimum of four pairs in when he goes to his residential college placement new jeans were a must.  To make matters worse I only went and forgot to take my painkillers out with us so by the time we got back – a reasonable 4 hours later (not bad for a shopping trip) I was almost in tears my shoulder was hurting so much! 😦 On a good point though i managed to resist buying more clothes for myself, which I am really proud of… I already have two large double wardrobes full of clothes and really don’t need anymore, plus I want to save up for a cruise holiday later this year so I need to stop spending so much!!!

My daughter is having two of her mates stay over again tonight so I will be ordering in pizza again, a bit of a tradition now. Although she is complaining she really wants ‘my’ curry, she really loves the curry I make and her friends do too, they all say it is far better than what their mom’s make or any they have had anywhere else. I should be pleased with the compliment but in truth I feel like a fraud and regular point out to them that its nothing special, because truly it isn’t. I just use a jar of curry sauce from the supermarket, diced chicken breast fillets and frozen rice, so anyone could make ‘my’ curry, but they say it is still special… must just be the way I cook it, lol

So, after we’ve had pizza I may do the KAZ touch typing course this evening, I type quite quickly but always looking to improve on every skill I have this will be handy to make me even quicker and yet another string to my bow (and on my CV) along with the Health and Safety, Equality and Diversity, Communication and Recording skills and Quality Assurance Training I am doing this month. I love studying, probably a little too much… I am due to complete my NVQ in Customer Services this month as well, and later this year my University Certificate in Business Studies, University Certificate in Contemporary Science, BSc Hons Health Studies and an unnamed BSc (all with the OU) I also have to do training for work including my ConnectWise University courses, MCAS (Microsoft Certified Application Specialist), CompTIA A+ and anything else that may be required that I have time for… but first I have to get this shoulder better so I can actually stay awake and pain free long enough to do ANYTHING!!!! arrrgghh

Actually being off ‘sick’ makes me feel really peeved, as I don’t do ‘ill’ and officially I am not ‘ill’ or ‘sick’. this is a physical injury, but the idea that it has meant I have had to take time off work drives me up the wall. from when I started my job last January I didn’t have a single day off through till August. In September my husband passed away and I had a few problems related to that which led to me having to have some time off, upon returning to work I found I needed to ‘use up’ my annual leave before I ran out of time and then it was Christmas and obviously I haven’t been back yet… Unfortunately all these things happen to have occurred since my company merged with another so I am sure it must look bad to my new boss, you know what I mean – this new girl is never here – sort of thing… So when I get back I intend to pull my finger out and demonstrate why ‘my’ boss considered me a huge value ( the girl that worked 8 months without missing a day – sort of thing) and hopefully my new boss will be as pleased as the old one 🙂

Time to place those pizza orders… ;P