Just woke up…

It would seem the sleep battle is not yet won, I just spent the last 2 1/2 hours sleeping again, damn these painkillers… although I did manage to stay awake most of today. I even did some work! woo hoo – trust me to work when I’m off sick! but still, I enjoy it so why not? some would say I should get a hobby but my main hobby is studying and is usually related to work anyway – what can I say I’m a geek and a nerd and that’s my idea of fun ;P (each to their own right?)

I am actually thinking of watching some TV tonight, the new show on E4 – Glee looks quite interesting… I haven’t watched hardly any for the last 8 months, the few programmes I have watched I have watched the whole series online over a few nights rather than waiting for a weekly episode on the television that I end up missing because I am too busy studying or working to think about putting the telly on, haha. Actually if Glee is any good I will probably end up doing the same with that… oh well

I should have been having my Quality assurance training today but my tutor couldn’t get to me cause of the damn weather, so the session has been put off till later this month. They have sent me the training materials and assignment by email though, so knowing me I will probably have completed it before they come – doh! The session has been paid for though and I want my monies worth so will try not to do everything and think of some questions to ask!! 🙂 The module first looks to be informative – Customers, Clients and Markets – looking at the history of quality, quality concepts, benchmarking, and quality gurus. Module 2 (next Month) will be a bigger task, but my kind of fun again – Statistics! *big cheesy grin* number crunching – whoop whoop!

I have a mountain of washing that I am trying to get dry but the damn dryer is still giving me grief, hurry up tomorrow when the new one arrives I can’t wait!! and it has just made the dreaded buzz again which means the lights are flashing and my washing is still wet… arrgh I best get out there and give it another kick!!!