Glee, AMITPRO and Security

So I did actually watch the back to back first episodes of Glee on E4 on Monday night and it was definitely worth putting the TV on for… a kind of comedy version of High School Musical for a more adult audience. I doubt i will watch the rest on TV though as watching online is much more flexible and if nothing else it will soon be available to watch on 4oD so that will suit me 🙂

I am so glad that I managed to get out of the house for a while yesterday, seeing as there has been so much more snow again overnight… the schools have closed again and the roads are death traps! Luckily I did my shopping yesterday so I am well equipped for about a month now – before you ask, no I didn’t panic buy like many are doing, that is a normal shopping trip for me! I will still need the basics like bread and milk but I hate having to shop on a weekly basis so I always buy loads, having fully stocked cupboards and an ‘Iceland‘ size freezer full of food all the time! in addition I went to Becketts Farm Conference Centre for a HMRC training course – Self Assessment for the Self-Employed, the course would have been good but for the fact that until you are ready to complete your first annual return there is not much point doing it in case there are any changes by the time you come to do yours! Shame they don’t tell you that before hand! Doh! So I only stayed till the break, which meant more time for shopping and sleep! haha

After a nice kip to recover from being out for the first time in days I went off out again to join the lads at the AMITPRO monthly meeting. Arriving a little late for the first speaker Paul Maloney from Technology Management and Consultancy which was a shame because it was an interesting presentation covering issues of Information Security – something very relevant to me as I was already gathering information in preparation to write a Security Policy for work. From what I did hear it made me realise that if we are ever to consider ISO 27001 (The Information Security Management System Standard) the policy will be probably one of our largest and most comprehensive policies to date, and after spending the best part of 4 hours today reviewing examples of security policies online and further data and information research to start writing our policy I have around 160 pages of information to work with (looks like this policy will take a while to write!!) Luckily I like this kind of thing so I will have it done soon enough 🙂 Email security was the topic of the second speaker was Lee Clark from MX-Sweep, one more for the guys, but I was fascinated especially by how cheap such things can be done for… I hope the boss will let me go along again as I do really like learning more about the technical things we do and listening to the presentations, it is much better than some ‘networking’ events I have been to, which are often about handing out as many business cards as possible rather than truly trying to develop relationships (which is what I thought these things were supposed to be about) with other business people…

… and the new tumble dryer has arrived and what would you guess, yes the old one is working okay (for the moment) haha – well it is still going, it has had too many warnings, in fact I am going off now to get the bf to unpack the new one (I can’t do it, I have a torn muscle remember!) 😉

Have a nice night folks 🙂


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