Too busy to write… sorry

Yikes been a while since I last posted anything, but then this blog isn’t called day in the life of a Busy Gal for nothing – I have just been too busy to write a post. What with setting up the businesses and attending business seminars to help me to a good job of that, three college courses, a uni course, drama class, housework and being MOM I haven’t had much time to spare at all.

On top of all that or rather part of the mom role, I have spent a good few hours having fun with the kids; mine may be almost grown up now but they still enjoy a bit of quality time and my partners daughter is only 7 so time with her gives me chance to indulge in those things mine no longer have much interest in – particularly arts and crafts. So yesterday we made a ‘dream catcher’ and did fashion designing with colourful papers. Today me and my daughter made lots of yummy cakes – sponge cake, scones (chocolate, cherry and cheesy) and best of all the old school favourite – Chocolate Concrete (although mine is always a little softer than it used to be a school, hmmm; still the kids prefer it softer not so likely to break teeth! haha)

Plus I also lost a day and a half this week as I was actually ill ( a rarity for me – I don’t ‘DO’ ill, not enough time as it is and to time waste lying around just isn’t me!!). The illness just happened to coincide with ‘that’ time of the month, although I don’t really think the two were related. I was sent home early from the class I was attending as the instructor said I had been getting “paler and paler as the day had gone on” and I was in agony, my stomach felt like I’d been hit with a truck. Luckily for me the other half had been sent home a day early from his course as his tutor had fell ill so he was able to look after me when I stumbled home and imminently threw up… (thanks for looking after me babe xx). Not the way I had intended to welcome him home!!

Actually his welcome home should have involved getting back to a wonderful smelling smoke free girlfriend, as I have also quit smoking this week (day 6 today!) so instead of stinking like an ashtray I should have been smelling fresh and tasty, mmm – but instead smoke was swapped for the as unappealing stench of vomit, lovely (NOT!) 😦 Still hopefully the lovely fresh cakes and a nice fresh me this evening should hopefully make up for that!? πŸ˜‰

(btw, I’m not a ‘feeder’ – I don’t make a habit of stuffing his face with cakes, honest!! lol)

So another busy week draws to a close with some wii fit time (holding strong at a dainty 8 Stone, which is a huge improvement on the 11 stone I weighed this time last year!) and more work on looming assignment deadlines, before chilling with my guy this evening (once we’ve taken my friends repaired computer back to her!)

OOOh AND i should be getting my fangs any day now as they are ready!! Can’t wait!! whoop whoop, who can I sink my fangs into first? mmm

Tomorrow it all starts again with business seminars on Monday and Tuesday, College Monday evening, Drama Tuesday evening, then more college, uni and business work through the rest of the week… The only let down is not having time to go to this months Amitpro on Tuesday evening due to being at Drama class 😦 ohh well can’t have it all!!

later’s peeps back to work for me – no rest for the wicked, hmmm naughty me! πŸ™‚


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