another week gone… where does the time go?

Another very busy and interesting week put to bed. I have to say that (excluding what tonight may bring 😉 ) Monday had to be the best day, although last night came a close second, lol. On Monday Me and the bf went to a seminar hosted by Doug Richards (former Dragon’s Den dragon) as part of his School for Start-up’s I was truly awestruck and I learnt so much that will be of huge benefit to both me and the bf for our respective new ventures, I would definitely recommend that anyone considering going into business for themselves go along to one of Doug’s seminars – nothing quite like the voice of experience to inspire you! He is also very open about his mistakes, so much so that I was sitting mouth agape as I was amazed by the story he was recounting and he actually saw me and drew attention to my gaping mouth – worse still the whole thing was being filmed so my gaping mouth and subsequent red face are now preserved for whoever gets to see the filming to laugh at time and again! ohh dear *shame* but still more doors of opportunity have opened as a result of attending the event, so the embarrassment was worth it! hehe

So the rest of the week continued much as normal for the current stage of my life – lots of studying, business planning and organising things. Another very useful meeting on Friday morning with Accredit and as I expected it has resulted in more work for me. As the bf’s business is IT related we are gonna get Accredit certification for him and I am also going to train to become an assessor for Accredit myself, which will result in more work as I will go out to do assessments for them, all good for me 🙂

Now the weekend is almost over and it will be nose back to the grindstone from early tomorrow, but I took the chance to let my hair down for a while this weekend and went out on Saturday evening to meet a up with a friend I made on Facebook, who I had never met before. We had a great night and I made even more new friends as a result – whoever said ‘Facebook’ friends aren’t ‘REAL’ friends, clearly hasn’t got a clue!! 😉

One final thing before the weekend is over – a wonderful Valentines night out with the bf (organised by moi of course, lol) hope he enjoys it, and even more what I have in store for him when we get back! hehe mmmm 😉

Have a good week folks x