Just a Quickie…Charity Work – giving something back! :)

I am having an awesome learning and planning week and can’t wait to post a more detailed blog over the next few days when I have time!

For now I just wanted to share a thought with you – have you ever considered being a Charity Trustee? Charitable work is something I have been involved in for over 14 years and I really enjoy it and feel I am giving something back – some charities have been very helpful to me over the years too!

If you are interested in finding out more look out for my blog in the near future about my role as Trustee for Link-Upp Birmingham.

Another thing you could do is come along to Link-Upp‘s AGM this Friday, the 26th February 2010 at Mal Maison in Birmingham from 10am till 2pm. Along with the usual business stuff this year we are also presenting our ‘Parenting Awards‘ to give recognition to those parents who have contributed most to the network by being a ‘rock’ for others despite whatever difficulties they may be suffering themselves! I am sure you will agree it is not often these ‘silent heroes’ get the recognition they deserve! So please join us to celebrate their achievements!

Or at least check out the website Link-upp.org.uk and find out more about the organisation and how you may be able to help – we are especially looking for more trustees, steering group members and people who can help organise events, promote Link-upp at events and conferences, raise funds or who have IT skills. If you’re interested in helping with any of these things then please let us know via the website or info@link-upp.org.uk


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