Micro-story… Your call is important to us – The Secret Weapon.

Reeh recording his voice for a radio news feat...

Jay breathed a sigh of relief as he saw the thumbs up signal from the other side of the glass indicating that they had finished recording. His throat was parched and the glass of warm milk which had been placed beside him was a sweet comfort. He sipped it gently and it soothed his overworked larynx. Talking for a living is harder work than you would expect, as Jay had discovered. He had been cooped up day after day for 3 years doing this job now. Recording messages for automated phone lines involved sitting in a cramped, soundproofed booth that felt like a large coffin after several hours . Jay slumped onto the hard stool, wishing they had room for a comfy sofa instead. He felt as if the dark walls were closing in on him and couldn’t wait to finish recording for the day so he could escape the dreary box. Jay‘s mind wandered and he thought how someone who suffered claustrophobia might cope, feeling certain this job would be intolerable , for someone like that, and relieved he didn’t have that problem. A green light flicked on beneath the glass in front of him, the cue that it was time to start the next recording. Jay took a deep breath, cleared his throat and began speaking into the microphone. Reading from the script in his hand he tried hard not to let his mind wander again. The small room filled with his voice.

Jay was aware that he is one of those secret weapons used by companies to seduce unsuspecting callers into staying on the line longer than they would have done a tool of distraction, used to reassure and convince callers that their call is important and it will be worth the wait. After all if there is one thing most people agree about it is that automated phone lines can be the most annoying thing, when what we really want is to speak to a real person. Still, despite this, it is the sexy voice that people remember most, which is exactly what the companies want.

With his soft, Scottish lilt Jay has the tone of a young Sean Connery, a deeply sexy accent sure to make the ladies crumble. He felt like this was even more of a deception as it conjures up an image of a suave and sophisticated handsome gentleman which couldn’t be further from Jay’s own below average appearance. Short , plump with bad skin and a mop of ginger hair, Jay is acutely aware that his voice is his greatest asset, being the butt of many jokes from a young age. He would have loved to work in a more visual media position, such as newsreader, but he would never have made it.

Luckily this is not a job requiring great beauty, rather the voice of an Angel and as such Jay has been a hit. His role has introduced him to the woman who is soon to become his wife and clients of the recording studio request his voice for their recordings more often than any other guy on the team. So despite the less than favourable working conditions, the benefits it has bought forth mean that all in all it was not bad for a days work, and it pays well too…


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