Micro Story… 5/25 Tornado: Tommy’s Story

Tornado generic

Tornado generic (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sheltered by a large tree Tommy and his mom wait for the bus home after a long day shopping.

“Will we be home soon mommy ?”
“Not long now, Tommy. The bus will be here soon.”
“I want to play with my toys.”
“When we get home you can play with them.”
“Will it be much longer?”
“Not much longer Tommy dear.”
“But I’m bored”

I don’t think mommy said anything else because then the big wind happened. It was raining loads and we were waiting for the bus outside McDonalds then it went dark like night time but it was only morning. Leaves were flying round and round, like curly chips or the way water goes down the hole in the sink . It all happened so quick we didn’t even know whether to run like everyone else or stay where we were, but we stayed. A bus on the other side of the road, its roof was gone and there was lots of glass everywhere as it flew out of shop and car windows. There were big bangs as the wind made it all fall out in little pieces like a jigsaw puzzle . It will take someone a long, long time to put all the glass back together again for those shops!

I open my eyes and stand up as the wind slows down; it had knocked me over and now I can’t see Mommy anywhere. Mommy always tells me I should never talk to strangers but I am so scared because I can’t find her that I asked everyone who comes near me

“Have you seen my mommy?”

I don’t think mommy will be mad at me, nobody talked to me anyway. I don’t know how long it’s been, it feels like all day now and I still can’t find mommy, she let go of my hand when I fell over, the big tree is on the floor now by where we were standing . When the got windy it made things bang like lots of fireworks all at once and then people were running around everywhere screaming. Other people were lying on the floor covered with bits of roof and trees. Some of them had blood on them too, I know it was blood because it was like when I cut my knee when I fell off my bike the other day, on Sunday, now I know why mommy said it was only a little cut on my knee, because the people lying down have a lot more blood than was on my knee !

It’s scary not knowing where mommy has gone. I have been walking around for ages trying to find her. I couldn’t see her lying down or running around. I had been lying down for a bit myself when I fell over. I hurt my head where I bumped it on the floor; my back and hair are wet and sticky like jam. After I fell over my ears didn’t work properly at first it was like the bangs had switched the sound off. It made me jump when the sound came back because of everybody screaming and the shop and car alarms ringing . I have been crying a lot because I am on my own, Mommy always called me her brave little soldier and told me not to cry, I wish she was here now to give me a cuddle, I’m getting cold, my head really hurts, the sticky dampness is getting worse, nobody will help me and I want my mommy…