Micro-Story… Cassie (Written when I was 14)

Cinema 4 at HOYTS, Forest Hill Shopping Centre...

Cinema 4 at HOYTS, Forest Hill Shopping Centre, Forest Hill, Victoria, Australia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Cassie was different, no-one knew what it was but they didn’t like it. She would sit int the corner looking at something concealed in her hand then suddenly she would look up and say something like “marcu Walker don’t go to the mall tonight, be it on your own head if you go and something happens.”

No-one would understand what she meant but since ‘it’ happened they would all listen carefully to what she had to say…

Carl was the only one who knew the full details of what happened to Bungle Malone. He had been there, Cassie had warned Bungle but he didn’t listen; he wasn’t going to miss the new Batman movie for anything, even saving his own life. But then he wasn’t to know it would come true.

It was a Friday morning when it all started. Cassie was, as usual, minding her own business in the corner when a look of terror came over her face. Never had she seen such an awful thing as this. She warned Bungle that if he went to the movie Saturday night then he would be in deadly danger. But Bungle was the ‘knock’ of the class and he wasn’t going to let a weirdo order him about, or anyone else for that matter! He said “You’re stupid, weirdo, if you think I’m being taken in by any of your dumb stories!”

He and Carl did go to the movies that Saturday. Carl was worried and said “Maybe we should go home, what if something does happen?”

Bungle wasn’t pleased “Are you mad? believe that weirdo if you want but even if you don’t go to the movie I am. I’ve waited ages to see this and I’m not going to miss it for some superstitious nonsense!”

They went into the cinema and sat on the back row throwing popcorn at each other and the people in front. As the adverts ended Carl darted out to get some more popcorn. The lights went down for the film to start.

Suddenly there was a huge bang and crash. Some people screamed, scared, and rushed for the doors. All wondering what was going on. The lights came up and they calmed down a bit. Everyone could now see what had happened. The weight form the heavy rain the night before had made the old roof boards weak at the back of the hall. The roof had fallen in on the back row of seats, crushing Bungle beneath it’s weight.

Carl had been coming back to his seat and had seen the boards fall onto Bungle. He was sitting on the stairs, white as a ghost muttering “Why didn’t he listen?”

Bungle was dead, Cassie had tried but wasn’t able to stop it happening and she blamed herself. “Why,why, why didn’t I make sure he didn’t go?”

Since Bungle’s death Carl and Cassie came to understand each other. Carl knew what it was that made Cassie seem weird. She was gifted, nothing else, just gifted. Cassie had the power to see into the future. She had a ring with a rare unknown gem in it; this was like her third eye; the eye with which she saw what would happen.

It wasn’t Bungle’s fault, and it wasn’t Cassie’s fault about what happened. It was an accident. But, Bungle should have listened; he had been warned.

So if ever someone who seems weird warns you to watch out, beware, or not to do a certain thing, think carefully before you decide whether to disbelieve them, or you might end up like Bungle. They could save your life – if only you listen!