New Year, New post…

Well hello there readers, bet you thought I’d given up on blogging as it’s been so long since my last post!? Well I’m back, no promises of regularity as I am still a busy gal and that is the main reason I have been away so long, just been my usual busy self. So I guess you’re wondering what I’ve been up to? Let me give you a brief rundown…

I have moved house, decorating the new house myself has taken a huge amount of time from when we got the house in July till I started my new job in October! I finally moved in properly just in time for Christmas and the house has been overrun with workmen from September till now doing all manner of things from basic repairs to fitting solar panels, alarms and cat-6 cabling (a fully networked home with our own servers in the cupboard under the stairs and garage – a must for a geek family! lol) There’s still a lot to be done (unpacking, decorating etc) but it is in a livable condition at least 🙂

I have put the business on hold, following a discussion with the other half, as I have decided to once again follow my dream of going to Medical School. So in addition to planning visits to Med School open days, studying for the entrance exams (BMAT, GAMSAT and UKCAT) and writing my personal statement for UCAS I started looking for work that would boost my application. So I now work part-time in a hospital as a Medical Laboratory Assistant and I’m waiting for a start date for my second job at the hospital as a Radiography Assistant. between the two jobs I will be working a 42 hour week finishing at 8pm most days, so even less time to fit in all the other stuff I get up to, but it will be worth it 🙂

I’m still studying, just completed another OU module and need to do my final assignment for a further module. I have enrolled for further courses in IT and the final course needed for my Certificate in Contemporary Science with the OU. I also need to ask at work about doing my job related NVQ’s!!

I spent a lot of time from July-November attending British Military Fitness Classes 3-4 times a week, this has been great fun; progressing from the blue to red classes, getting fit and having fun all at the same time, and I would still be going now even it weren’t for the fact the classes have finished for the night by the time I get out of work!! 😦 As a result of these classes I took part in two races in October, the Hatton 5 mile – I came last in this but I was proud to have even have completed it as my first ever race! and the Military 5Km race in Wales – where I came a respectable 7th place of the women 😀 Now if only BMF would start doing morning classes local to my new home then I could get back into it, in the meantime I will just have to run round the local playing field with my neighbour! lol

We finally got a blue-ray player and I have watched the entire series of Battlestar Galactica with the other half (I bought the box set as his Christmas present) we concluded last weekend with a marathon session to watch the final season (from 9am till after midnight, back-to-back episodes!) and I have to say its gotta be the best TV series I have ever watched! The characters are awesome and the whole thing just captures you, making you need to see the next episode immediately. It’s a very dark, twisted sci-fi series with an ending that leaves you with as many questions as it answers. We now just need to go back and watch the whole series again with the directors commentary on!! 🙂 hehe

I’m still extending my inner geek, and just this morning I took the Geek Test and scored ‘42.43542% – Major Geek’ which I was chuffed about, but also shows there is more geek I can gain! haha Thanks to @innergeek for devising the test, also enjoying reading her blog! btw I now have over 600 followers on my twitter page! that is sooo cool 😀 hehe

What else have I been up to, gosh it has been such a while and I’m sure you think all of the above is enough anyway!? but knowing me (as you probably do) you know there has been much more!! and its true, there has but I can’t remember all of it offhand and you have more than enough to be chewing over with what I’ve already told you! So I’ll leave it there for now, and I will be back again, when I have time!! Why don’t you drop me a line and let me know what you’ve been up to!? 😉


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    • Hi, Thanks for your comment. I haven’t done much prep for my GAMSAT yet, but when I do I will write a blog about things I have found helpful – hopefully the link you have provided will be a good starting point for me 🙂

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