Why two jobs are better than one

So in a few short weeks I will be starting my second job and many people are wondering why I need two (or even 3) jobs anyway. For me the idea behind this is linked to the fact that I am a person who gets bored easily, although the wasn’t the original plan, because I am also someone who changes her plans…

When I first applied to work part-time in a lab the idea was that in doing this I could retain the satisfaction of bringing in some money of my own whilst still having enough time to study, help my partner with his business and work on setting my business. Then the plans changed. My partner put his business on hold due to a change in his circumstances meaning he wouldn’t be around for the best part of a year to run the business. I decided to focus on getting into Medical School rather than setting up my own business. This led to the idea that I needed to get work in a more patient-centred role within the hospital rather than behind the scenes in the labs, so I started looking for a second position which would give me that extra opportunity.

I was asked if I would like to go full-time in my current role, but while I enjoy the job I didn’t want to do this for two reasons, firstly it doesn’t fulfill my need for a patient-centred position and secondly I knew I would not enjoy the job as much if it was all I did. So I continued my search for a second part-time position that, all being well, could fit around/next to my current role so I could do both. This satisfying all my personal criteria for what makes an interesting career.

Now I have been offered two additional posts, the first direct patient care on the wards, second in the Radiography department. I have decided to opt for the Radiography post, because why meeting the need for patient care to help with my Medical School application, this role also pays more, has more career progression routes and is more interesting on a personal level. Now having two jobs depends on one thing – whether my current employer can amend my hours to fit around the new position, which has a more rigid working pattern! hopefully this will be achievable or I will be back on the hunt for a second job!

Of course there will be a downside to having two jobs, longer working hours than most people usually put in without overtime (which I’m bound to do when available) I will be working a 43 hour week, with early starts and late finishes (8pm most days, 11pm once a week), but again for me this is a good thing. It will mean I have less time to get bored, less time to waste on unimportant things (I am terrible for procrastinating) and I am more likely to finally quit smoking and stay stopped as I won’t have time to keep taking cigarette breaks! The main downfalls for me are eating late every day, less time to study, less time for exercise (especially BMF classes) and less time to decorate and do other things around the house, but I’ll still have the weekends!!

Overall I see having multiple jobs as a benefit as the variety and opportunities far outweigh the cons! What do you think? Is one job enough/too much for you? or would you also like to be able to do two jobs you enjoy rather than one you ‘tolerate’? 🙂


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