Women and Clothes Shopping – the hidden secrets

Guys, how many times have you spent hours on end being dragged around clothes shops by your wife/girlfriend, only for them to go back to the first thing they tried on and buy that or leave with little/nothing to show for the time?

Well, contrary to popular belief this isn’t an enjoyable task for us either! Indeed quite the opposite… As we discussed at length in a posting on Facebook a few days ago

While it is easy for guys to just pop in to a shop grab the first pair of jeans in the correct size and thats it all done without the need to even try them on till you get home, we do not have that luxury… No, instead we have to either try everything on as the sizing is NEVER correct, or if we really don’t want to try things on we buy things then have to return them when we find that they don’t fit right after all!

Another common misconception is that girls prefer to buy items with a premium price tag attached, again this actually stems from a learning curve most girls have to face at some point. Initially there may be an assumption on our part that if we pay more for it then it will be better quality, last longer, fit better and be more appealing to others when we ‘brag’ about our mega expensive purchase. After all we all hear so many proclamations of the benefits of Prada, Gucci, Manolo Blahnik and numerous other designer label items that we tend to get drawn in by the craving and desire to have these expensive, luxurious status symbols. When we actually splash out on one of these things the reality often doesn’t live up to the fantasy – items designed only to fit the stick thinnest of models, swimsuits designed never to go near a swimming pool, or jeans that change shape so badly after a single wash they can never be worn again… Is it any wonder that high street cheaper brands are ever growing in popularity!?

From Primark to Asda, the pile em high sell em cheap philosophy is a godsend in the ‘wear it once’ ‘throw away’ economy that is girls clothes shopping. At £4 for a pair of jeans you don’t mind so much if they no longer fit right after that first wash! and you can afford to buy a ‘truck-load’ of them, not so easy if they were £40 or £400 a pair!!

So guys, please remember the next time you a being dragged store to store, this is torture for us too (why else would we continue to put our selves through it with the multitude of online clothes stores if it wasn’t an evil necessity!!??) and when we find that elusive item, that fits right – maybe offer to buy a second of the same (just in case the first wash screws it up for us!) you may just prolong the need to endure the clothes shopping hell for a little while longer! 😀

(Many thanks to Nikki Pilkington for the inspiration for this blog – Nikki I’m sure you could do the topic far more justice than me! check out Nikki’s blog here)


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