Interactive story project

I’m running a little project at the moment, and I’d like your help!

I’m writing a story called The Sub (#thesub) and the idea is that it will be an interactive story which people following can help to write – that means you!

So basically I have written the start of the story and I’m writing more each day. I have scheduled tweets to post twice a day on my twitter feed with #thesub to indicate they are parts of the story. The idea is I want you to read my tweets and come up with ideas/thoughts/suggestions for developing the plot and story. You then share your ideas with me either by replying to me @SharonHoward09 or using #thesub to post your ideas straight to the feed. I will then incorporate your suggestions as the story develops (suitability permitting obviously, I won’t include nonsense!) and when the story reaches its climax I will pull it all together and publish it on my blog including all the contributions, so you and everyone else can read the finished article 😀

What do you think, I think this will be fun, and maybe you will even discover some creativity you didn’t know you had by trying to come up with ideas!?

So lets get started, the first two tweets have gone out today (and follow below) so lets start getting those ideas in!

#thesub: As the bell rang Louisa backed against the wall clutching her files to her chest. Braced in preparation for the barrage of teenagers
#thesub…that would surge momentarily, like a tide crashing on the rocks, as they head for home.

So there you have it, join my interactive journey, thank you in advance for your contributions! 😀


3 comments on “Interactive story project

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