30 Day Blog Challenge – Day 1

There are lots of different ’30 Day challenges’ going on at the moment on Facebook and Twitter, I did start a few of them on facebook but lost track, now I’m planning to start again, but, I have decided to adapt these into my own challenge to encourage me to write a little something everyday. My 30 day Blog Challenge will incorporate the 30 day song challenge, 30 day film challenge, 30 day photo challenge, 30 day status challenge, 30 day book challenge and my own addition ‘One good thing that happened today’.

Day 1

One good thing that happened today: It was ‘Mother’s Day, I visited my mom and my partners mom laden with goodies to show them how special they are to us, which made me feel good seeing them happy with their gifts 😀

Photo Challenge – A picture of your favourite celebrity:

The scrumptious Jason Statham 😀

Status Challenge – What mood you’re in: Happy, it’s been a good day all round 😀

Song Challenge – Your favourite song: A hard choice as I have a few, but I guess overall it has to be…

Film Challenge – Your favourite film: Easy!! THE LOST BOYS!! best film EVER!! 😀

Book Challenge – Your favourite book: I love reading so choosing a favourite book is another tough one, but the book I have (and will again) re-read the most (so is a leader clearly!?) is: Catcher in the Rye by J D Salinger


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