30 day Blog Challenge – Day 2

One good thing that happened today – I started my new job (at last) in the Radiology Department. Today I spent the day in the ‘standard’ x-ray rooms, the radiographers are really helpful, pointing out the breaks/masses etc on the xrays so I am going to learn loads, which is great 😀

Photo Challenge – A picture of you and your youth best friend – Me and Linds 😀

Me and Linds 🙂

Song Challenge – Your least favorite song. I won’t post a link for this one cause it really does annoy me… Chav anthem Umbrella – Rhianna, I like most of her other stuff but this is just b***cks!!

Film Challenge – Your least favourite film. For a fan of vampire films I was totally unimpressed by ‘Interview with a Vampire’ – what a pile of pants!! I don’t even think I bothered watching till the end!!

Status challenge – The funniest thing that’s ever happened to you. Hmmm I can never remember things like this, I guess it’s gotta be one of those times when you fall over for no apparent reason in front of someone you are trying to impress and just look like a clumsy fool! lmao

Opps - clumsy!! lol

Book Challenge -Your least Favorite Book. I don’t think there is a specific book – as if I don’t like I won’t read, but I don’t like books written by Stephen King, his style of writing doesn’t appeal to me making reading his books a real challenge!