30 Day Blog Challenge – Day 4

One good thing that happened today – I spent the day in CT and overcame my fear of needles, or rather watching them being inserted after watching at least 6 venflons being inserted today and not fainting once I am convinced my problem with them is only due to the emotional connection – if they are being inserted into me or one of my children! phew, was worried that it may be a problem with my intended career aspirations, after all I’d never make it as a doctor if I couldn’t stick needles in people!! But now I know I’ll be okay with that 😀 yippee! 😀

Status Challenge – Your funniest joke, ohh dear is it really sad that I don’t really know any funny jokes? I had to pinch this one…it is good though! lmao “Passwords are like underwear. Change yours often, don’t share with friends, be mysterious and don’t leave them lying around.”

Song Challenge – a song that makes you sad – Savage Garden, to the moon and back…

Book Challenge – A Book that reminds you of home – Get Me Out of Here by Rachel Reiland, a stark reminder of the troubles and challenges I have overcome in the words of another sufferer…

Photo Challenge – Day 4) A picture of someone you admire – A strong, powerful woman Margaret Thatcher

Margaret Thatcher

Film Challenge – Your favourite Sci-fi Film – As if there is any other choice!? STAR WARS of course… can I have all of them? If I have to choose one then I controversially choose Episode 2 (Amidala is captivating, I prefer her over Leia anyday! ;P)