30 Day Blog Challenge – Day 5

One good thing that happened today – The weather was lovely today (I know it’s not much of a ‘good thing’ but I enjoyed it, so it was a good thing for me!)

Song challenge – a song that reminds you of someone – reminds me of someone who is driving me crazy right now…

Status Challenge – A favorite line from a movie – “If he’s dead can we go back to pheonix?” (Lost Boys)

Book Challenge – A Non-fiction book that you actually enjoyed – see now I enjoy non-fiction just as much as fiction, I think one of my favourites has to be Gray’s Anatomy by Henry Gray (The actual medical text, not some tripe about the TV show…)

Photo Challenge – A picture of you’re favorite place


Film Challenge – A film that makes you cry – ohh god, it has to be Watership Down! Still makes me cry even now… poor bunnies! (Yes, I’m sad!! lmao)


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