30 Day Blog Challenge – Day 7

One good thing that happened today – I got my haircut and styled by my good friend Ellie, it looks great for my night on the town now 😀

Song Challenge – a song that reminds you of a certain event – After missing out on seeing them as a teenager I finally got to see NKOTB on thier ‘come back’ tour following the release of this song! Donnie mmmm – much better than my teen crush Jordan! hehe

Status Challenge – The most wicked thing you ever did – I’m not really a bad person, I guess ‘cheating’ in a relationship is probably the wickedest thing I’ve done…?

Photo Challenge – A picture of your favorite sport – another difficult one, not really a sports fan. I guess I would have to say (to watch, not participate) World’s Strongest Man (does that count!?) as it’s the only ‘sporting’ activity I make sure I follow, I watch every year without fail! 😉

Worlds Strongest Man

Book Challenge – A Book that’s hard to read… hmmm I think the book I struggled to get through most of all would be ‘Never Say Die’ by Tess Gerritson, I read it on recommendation by a friend who thought it would be my kind of book, it wasn’t quite the kind of thing I really like. I also struggle with authors who are overly descriptive, with not enough ‘action’ in their writing – I mean just how much detail do you need to be able to ‘picture’ the kitchen in a characters home, and unless it’s relevant to the storyline, does it really matter?! I can imagine what a kitchen looks like, I see enough of them! lmao ;P

Film Challenge – The scariest film you’ve ever seen, well it doesn’t seem as scary now but at the time it came out it was so different from anything else ‘scary’ at the time that has to count – ‘Hellraiser’

Hell raiser - Pinhead