30 day Blog Challenge – Day 8

One good thing that happened today – Went to visit my good friend Suzi to see her new kitten, Pan, and chill in her hot tub 😀

Book Challenge – An unpopular book you believe should be a Best-Seller, hmmm not sure how ‘popular’ it actually was/is but I think ‘Gods behaving Badly’ by Marie Phillips is an awesome book that should be read more widely ;D

Photo Challenge – A picture of you on your favorite holiday, it’s got to be when we went to PGL France (Chateau de Grande Romaine) in August 2010, we all had a great time and the kids made some lovely new friends 🙂

The kids at PGL

Film Challenge – A film staring your favourite actor, The Transporter, starring the yummy Jason Statham ;P

Status Challenge – The nicest thing you have done – gosh these are tough! I’m nice most of the time and do lots of nice things… I guess maybe all the charity work I’ve done which has raised lots of money for some charities and helped a lot of people with other charities would be the nicest thing I think, some may say that I’ve done even nicer things than that but I don’t know…

Song Challenge – a song that you know all the words to, humph I know all the words to ‘lots’ of songs! You have to if you’re gonna sing them! lol ok I choose this one, my audition piece for X-factor 2010 ‘Something Inside’ by Labi Siffre