30 Day Blog Challenge – Day 9

One good thing that happened today – I survived my first late shift at work (3-11pm) despite having had very little sleep (6 hours at the most) at the weekend (too much partying! lol)

Song Challenge – a song that you can dance to… again another one there are loads to choose from!? hmmm I choose… ‘Dirtty’ Christina Aguilera – nothing like a bit of hip grinding for a good boogie! ;P hehe

Book Challenge – A Book you’ve read more than once, surprisingly not many as I always have so many unread waiting to be read for the first time i don’t often get to go back to a book but I have read ‘Valentine’ by S.P.Somtow several times… but not read it’s prequel ‘Vampire Junction’ wtf, why have I never read that!? hmmm, looks like I’m buying another book and after reading it I’ll have to read Valentine again too! Also just discovered a 3rd book in the trilogy Vanitas, curse you amazon!! lmao

Film Challenge – A film staring your favourite actress – Sandra Bullock is my favourite actress, fell in love with her when she did ‘Speed’

Status Challenge – A song or movie title that describes you – seriously I think with a lot of these status challenges would be more interesting to see what other people think suits me! lmao ok so I reckon a song title that describes me is ‘Independent Woman’ Destiny’s Child

and just so I’ve covered all the bases a movie title that describes me – ‘Deadline’ because I’m always chasing some deadline or another! hehe

Photo Challenge – A picture of your favorite music artist hmmm bands or solo artists? I’ll go for solo – P!nk 🙂