30 day Blog Challenge – Day 12

I know this is a bit late was a bit ‘occupied’ after work yesterday so I didn’t get chance to do it! oops!

One good thing that happened today – Well I went out for a walk after work, ended up staying out till 4am and walking home again! lol It was fun though!

Book Challenge – A book so emotionally draining you couldn’t complete it or had to set aside for a bit – I don’t really get ‘disturbed’ by books but ‘Out- by Natsuo Kirino’ was one I did have to set aside for a bit

Film Challenge – The last film you watched – Population 436, very peculiar film!

Status Challenge – fill in the blank of the following I want to hump the ass off __________ Ohhh choices… Jason Statham! hehe

Song Challenge – a song from a band you hate – well I’m not gonna add a link to it cause I do hate this crap! Westlife – You raise me up

Photo Challenge – A picture of you in your favorite colour –

In blue - my favourite colour 🙂