30 Day Blog Challenge – Day 16

One good thing that happened today – My tickets for the London Film and Comic Convention have arrived, I’m such a geek I can’t wait to go, I’m especially looking forward to meeting Luciana Carro (Kat in BSG) and Shawnee Smith (Amanda in Saw) and author Clive Barker 😀

Photo Challenge – A picture of someone you would like to spend more time with…All of my girl friends so I’m cheating and putting a few pics as they aren’t all in a single picture (actually there’s even more but these are the girls I spend the most time with)! Sorry to my friends not in these pics – I do love you too! xx

Book Challenge – Favorite book turned movie – High Fidelity by Nick Hornby, awesome book not ruined when they made the film (makes a change! too often films ruin the story!)

Film Challenge – A film you currently want to see – Sucker Punch 🙂

Status Challenge – What you would do if you were god – I don’t know, theres so many things wrong with this world even if there was a god I doubt he could make it all better! I guess a good starting point would be to make sure everyone has enough food and water 🙂

Song Challenge – A song that you used to love but now hate… hmm has to be one that they killed by over playing it on the radio, that happens with so many good songs! but this has to be the all time biggest one they did it to!