30 Day Blog Challenge – Day 22

One good thing that happened today – Had a great evening playing Guitar Hero, then on to the pub for Pool with some great friends 😀

Song Challenge – A song that you listen to when you’re sad – Evanescence, Bring me to Life

Book Challenge – Favorite Series… decisions, decisions there are a few great series of books that I enjoy I guess as I’ve probably mentioned some of them before for other days I will choose ‘The Sooky Stackhouse Mysteries’ by Charlaine Harris for this challenge – This is the series that inspired the TV spin off ‘True Blood’ which I ‘love’ 😀

Film Challenge – A film that you always watch with your friends… well we don’t usually ‘do’ film nights but a few of us have been meaning to have a ‘zombie fest’ night and top of the list for that is ’28 Days Later’

Status Challenge – Your funniest prank, ohh dear another ‘funny’ thing… I really am not a prankster, the only pranks I can think of having pulled are silly little things like sneaking a ball into the pocket on someone elses game of pool to help someone who is losing, lol

Photo Challenge – A picture of your favorite relative, I’ve got to cheat again and use a picture of 2 people, my children, I love them dearly even if I don’t always show it enough (though I am sure they know it!) I can’t believe how much they have grown up – but they will always be my babies, no matter how big they get! lol


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