30 Day Blog Challenge – Day 23

One good thing that happened today – Another day enjoying good company before the challenging week ahead when the city comes alive again following the Easter break…

Photo Challenge – A picture of an actress you admire, mmmm easy one Sandra Bullock – gorgeous and talented – shame she doesn’t make so many films nowadays 😦

Status Challenge – What makes you feel guilty, ohh so much… don’t we all? I feel guilty for not spending enough time with my kids, my family, my friends (although friends have had ‘most’ of my time lately), guilty for hurting people I love with my behaviour (due to my BPD, something I have yet to learn how to control, instead ‘it’ controls me)… 😦

Film Challenge – Your favourite old film – how ‘old’ is old? back to my childhood is ‘old’ enough for me I’m going with ‘Stand By Me’ full of some of my favourite actors and a truly moving storyline 🙂

Book Challenge – Favorite Romance Novel… hmmm not really into ‘romances’ does Virginia Andrews count? Maybe not, but I do love ‘Flowers in the Attic’ and Virginia Andrews is probably the closest thing to ‘romance’ that I would read…:S

Song Challenge – A song that you want to play at your wedding – been there done that, can’t imagine it happening again… so I’ll go for the one we chose to have played at our wedding – Shania Twain ‘You’re Still the One’