30 Day Blog Challenge – Day 26

One good thing that happened today – absolutely NOTHING! It has been a truly horrible day 😥

Photo Challenge – A picture of your crush… hmmm that would be telling! Might also embarrass the person, so I’m gonna go for a ‘celebrity’ crush instead! (sorry if that’s cheating! lol) Russell Tovey of Being Human, who I actually met when I went to the Birmingham Memorabilia Show – ooooh he is soooo cute and yummy, shame he’s not into girls… 😦

Book challenge – A Book you wish would be written – I wish they would write a series of books around the storyline of the Lost Boys, going before the first film, using the comic books that fill the gap between the first two films and through all three films (Tribe and Thirst being the 2nd and 3rd films in the trilogy) and beyond. I love the Lost Boys so much, RIP Corey Haim 😥 , I actually started writing my own sequel to the film when I was 12! hehe

Status Challenge – Film, song or T.V. show that describes your life right now – ohh god, does one actually exist!? TV Show – My life is more of a rollercoaster and more traumatic than any of the soap operas for a start – Eastenders ain’t got a patch on my life, Jeremy Kyle show – nope not even that is bad enough lol! Film – No, nothing crazy enough… Song – well it doesn’t cover it all but I guess Breathe Slow by Alisha Dixon covers a bit how I feel a lot lately, “can’t belive what I’m hearing… you’re lucky I know how to act, ain’t gonna attack…”

Film Challenge – A film that’s supposed to be sad but just isn’t – hmmm not sure, mostly if a film is meant to be sad – it is!? and I don’t really watch many soppy/sad films as they aren’t my style… nope, can’t think of one… sorry

Song Challenge – a song that you can play on an instrument – I don’t really play an instrument currently, I was learning to play the drums but haven’t got so far as playing a whole song with that… so the only song I can actually still play on an instrument is 3 Blind Mice, which I can still play on the recorder! lol