30 Day Blog Challenge – Day 28

One good thing that happened today – I finally sorted out somewhere to stay until I can be rehoused πŸ™‚

Photo Challenge – A picture of an ex gf/bf who you wish you never broke up with or vice versa… people may think I am crazy for this after all I’ve been through but if we could both get rid of our ‘baggage’ we would’ve/should’ve been happy…

Book Challenge – An Author that you completely avoid/hate wont read – easy Stephen King, I really dislike his writing style! the only book of his I managed to read was ‘Misery’ i have tried others but just can’t do it…

Status Challenge – Funniest thing you ever saw…. oh gosh I’m not sure! There are so many funny clips online nowadays! I think this one is very funny tho (may not be the ‘funniest’ thing ever, but very funny)

Film Challenge – The last film you saw at the cinema… ‘Tron – Legacy’ it was awesome, didn’t watch it in 3D tho as that hurts my eyes!

Song Challenge – a song from your childhood – I’ll have to go with the first single I bought myself! Tiffany – I think we’re alone now πŸ˜€