30 Day Blog Challenge – Day 30

I have completed the challenge! yay!! 30 days of blogging – only missed briefly whilst ill but caught up and kept going, very pleased I managed to make it! 😀

One good thing that happened today – I went for a photo shoot with my nest friend Lindsay, we had fun and got some beautiful pics (will post once received :))

Song Challenge – your favorite song at this time last year – I remember this one clearly as it spoke volumes to me! Beverley Knight ‘In your shoes’

Book Challenge – An Author that you will read whatever they put out – Kelley Armstong, I am following the ‘Tales of the Otherworld’ series and also started on the ‘Darkness Rising’ and ‘Nadia Stafford’ series’ and still more to go!

Film Challenge – The film that completely describes your personality – well not sure it’s the film as much as the lead character, she is just like me and even has Borderline Personality Disorder, which is what I have… the film is ‘Deadline’

Status Challenge – Three words you would use to describe yourself – Borderline Personality Disorder…

Photo Challenge – A collage with all these pictures mixed together – oh ffs seriously!? I cba to do that! just look at them all again if you really must!! (sorry, I know that’s cheating but this is just a silly final challenge!)


30 Day Blog Challenge – Day 29

One good thing that happened today – I got my room sorted at the hotel and my 3G dongle is working so I can still get online and do all my work 😀

Song Challenge – a song that makes you feel guilty… ‘Nothing’s gonna stop us now’ Starship – it was ‘our’ song 😥

Status Challenge – Describe how you met your boyfriend/girlfriend or how you would secure a date – I tend to have a habit of flirting by text/online/in person and usually end up with a date as a result of just being me…

Film Challenge – A film you think is underrated – The Fifth Element! One of my faves, totally awesome but it wasn’t a huge hit :/

Book Challenge – A Book you wish you never read – hmmmm dunno… I learnt a lot by reading this but it was also very distressing as it outlines how difficult things are for me to overcome this condition ‘The Borderline Personality Disorder Survival Guide: Everything You Need to Know About Living with BPD’ 😦

Photo Challenge – A picture of a mannequin or doll you have dressed – lol, Barbie dolls were my favourite as a kid! I used to make my own clothes for them! I actually had this one: