Where can I smoke on a cruise ship?

In a recent announcement by Princess Cruises stated that as of 15th January 2012 there would be no smoking in staterooms and balconies. The subsequent heavy debate about this on their Facebook page has smokers enraged and non-smokers praising the cruise line.

But, does this announcement really come as any surprise? It shouldn’t considering smoking policies and legislation across the West are constantly introducing new bans reducing the places where you are allowed to smoke. And many cruise lines already have many restrictions on smoking on board a comprehensive breakdown of the policies for many companies is available on cruisecritic (regularly updated as it does include the ‘new’ Princess policy).

So as it stands on Princess Cruises, until 15th January 2012 you can smoke in your stateroom/on your balcony and in the designated smoking areas of the casino, disco, cigar lounge and some ‘open’ decks, after which you will be restricted to the designated areas away from your room.

Now, personally I don’t have a problem with this policy and firmly believe that any cruise lines that do not already have these restrictions will soon follow suit. Before you start moaning at me – I am a smoker myself! but even I can’t stand a room that stinks like an ashtray! I smoke outside my own home, so why shouldn’t I smoke outside elsewhere – including whilst on a cruise?

Yes, smoking bans and restrictions aren’t nice, smokers have rights too – but there are many more non-smokers and we have a responsibility to protect them from our smoke; be they our own family members, fellow cruise passengers or anyone else. And when this comes to cruise ship staff their employers have a duty of care, the ship is a workplace and it is ‘very’ rare to find a workplace where you can smoke ‘inside’ nowadays (in the UK and US at least).

'I'm havin' a fag!!' lol

So, in brief to answer the opening question – Where can I smoke on a cruise ship? Where you can smoke will depend on the individual cruise company’s policy but there will be somewhere you can, at least for the near future.

So far complete ‘non-smoking’ cruise lines have been unsuccessful but in the future it seems likely that there may be growth in this area and the number of cruise company’s that allow smoking on-board will continue to decline.

All in all, enjoy it while you can – or better yet quit smoking then it won’t be a problem! (Don’t forget I’m a smoker too, I’m not preaching at you here!)


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