#30dayblog – Day 7 – A Day In The Life…

hmmm, this should be interesting!

A day in the life of ‘me’, well at the moment there is no such thing as a ‘typical’ day.  Being currently off work ‘sick’ due to my BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder) my days are as varied as my condition!

Writing is a big part of most days for me at the moment.  As you can see by the many posts I have made lately – I am writing about lots of things – my BPD, my cruise, posts for the #30dayblog challenge, the list goes on.  But, what do I do when I’m not writing, well like I say I’m not at work at the moment, otherwise my job (Radiography Assistant at a local hospital) would occupy most of the rest of my day!

I get up between 6-8am (depending on how I feel that day!)  Just getting up in the morning can be a challenge for me whilst I am still going through my ‘bad’ spell – or ‘crisisas I often call it.  I can either be ‘wired’ during a ‘manic’ phase of my BPD  – where I need very little sleep, rarely more than 3 hours a night so I go to bed late (3am) and get up early (6am) and never feel tired at all.  Then I go through phases of either ‘depression’ or being ‘numb’ at these times I will either be constantly tired (bed at 10pm up at 8am still not feeling I have slept a wink) or almost ‘normal’ in my sleeping patterns – going to bed between 10pm and midnight, getting up 7 hours later.

This morning before doing all the usual morning things of showering, dressing etc I wrote an assignment and a blog post.  finally having done the morning tasks I left the house to run a few errands before coming home and writing another two blog posts!

There is always something that needs doing around the house – having two lazy teenagers around, a 5-bed room house and a partner who works long hours, most of the things that need doing around the house become my responsibility. No-one says I have to do them, or frets if I don’t – except me! I have to do them, it’s probably part of my BPD.  I need to be busy, useful, doing something, this is crucial to me (yep, definitely classic BPD!). So, I spend many hours doing household chores, re-cleaning already clean areas, shopping, cooking (I may not eat much but I like to cook, being a qualified chef doesn’t help!) and if I don’t get as much done as I had planned to I feel bad and berate myself, another bad part of my BPD 😦

Also, at the moment there have still be lots of things that need ‘sorting’ out around the house. Even though we have lived here for some months now we have had a lot of workmen in doing things which prevented me doing much of the unpacking and sorting I needed to do.  Luckily this is almost sorted now, I only have the ‘office’ and garage left to sort out but these are probably the two biggest jobs! :/ To make this easier on myself (rather than my usual – ‘it has to be done in a single day’ attitude) I am breaking them into small chunks, a box a day, a pile of books etc.  Achievable steps to prevent me getting angry with myself for not completing it all in one go! 🙂

After a busy day of writing, studying, housework etc I unwind in the evening by going to Pool practice/matches at the pub (I’m on the pool team and improving well considering I had never played before just 2 months ago!). When I’m not playing pool I will watch films (DVD or cinema), visit/go out with friends/my partner, read, indulge in some other hobby or chill in the Hot Tub 😀

Tonight has been different – we went to see ‘The Shaolin Warriers‘ at the Theatre (going to the Theatre is another thing I like to do occasionally).  I bought the tickets as a treat for the other half, as he has wanted to see them for ages but never done it – until now 🙂 The show was awesome! A breathtaking performance of  martial arts, with entrancing displays of speed and dexterity. It was cool to see how ‘real’ it is when one performer lay on swords then had a  double-sided ‘bed of nails’ board placed on his abdomen before another performer lay on this with a slab of concrete on his chest, which was then smashed  with a lump hammer – the bottom performer actually had blood on his back when he got off the swords! The audience participation was excellent too, they got a few men on stage to ‘pull’ a bowl that one performer had ‘sucked’ onto his stomach (they couldn’t pull it off), a couple more men to ‘copy’ a sparing match (would’ve been even funnier if one of those guys was actually a martial artist too! lol) but the best bit was when they got around 30 children from the audience on stage to do some ‘training’ – it was hilarious! 😀

Show over, time to go home and try to get some sleep for another busy day tomorrow…

Well there you have it, a day in the life of me – what is a typical day for you? 🙂

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