Fly me to the Moon…

Well, maybe we won’t get to the moon in a helicopter  and I’m sure Frank Sinatra and Nat King Cole (who have both recorded this song) wouldn’t see the connection (lol) but we had a great day on Saturday at Halfpenny Green Airport.  We took the family to watch my dad have a helicopter flying lesson (part of his 60th birthday celebrations) with Heliflight.

It was a great day which we all really enjoyed, my dad especially.  Arriving early afternoon, he first had a briefing with the instructor whilst we waited in the lounge. Once the helicopter was ready he climbed aboard.  The instructor went over a few pints and showed him how the controls worked, they then started the engine and the propellers began to spin. We started filming and taking loads of photos as the helicopter rose a few feet off the ground to begin with.  They hovered for a little while, turned round, went a little higher then moved forward to hover again above the grass near by.  Dad got to have a go at controlling the helicopter moving it around, up and down and hovering – he found it really hard to get the hang of the central control stick for hovering as the slightest movement sent the helicopter off in that direction.

After a little play, they took off properly and were soon out of sight… 20 minutes later the helicopter came back into view and our recording continued as they approached they stayed hovering over the grass again for a little while so dad could have another go at the controls.  All too soon the 30 minutes were over and they landed.  Once the propellers had stopped we went down and the kids got a chance to sit in the helicopter for photos.  Dad had thoroughly enjoyed the flight, although he had clearly also been a little bit nervous – glad to hand control back to the instructor after a few nerve wracking attempts to control the helicopter himself!

Afterwards we went back to the caravan park where dad was staying for the weekend to have a BBQ.  Good job the weather was nice! lol It took ages to get the BBQ going but eventually we all got fed…

It was really nice to spend an afternoon catching up with my extended family and with all my immediate family together, as now the kids are almost adults we don’t get to do it that often!  I also got chance to get more practice with my new camera ahead of my course this week!  With everyone stuffed to bursting it was time to say our goodbyes, before all the kids battered my dad – who was the biggest kid there! hehe 😀

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