Blog Round Up – The Three C’s and BPD

So, I’ve reached the half way mark of my #30dayblog challenge and it’s time to do a round up of the most popular blogs since I started. Traffic, comments and subscribers to my blog have all grown immensely since the challenge began and even on the odd day where I don’t add any new content I still averaging over 50 hits per day! I can’t express how pleased I am and my thanks go to all of you for reading and sharing my posts!

Let’s have a look back at which posts have attracted the most interest over the past few weeks…

The three C’s – Chivalry, Cruise, and Cars… Coincidentally the posts which have proved most popular are all on subjects beginning with the letter C! lol

Chivalry –  Is Chivalry Sexist? – this was the first blog I wrote specifically for the #30dayblog challenge.  It involved me going outside my usual boundaries of writing and finding a ‘topical’ subject in the news to write about.  When I found the original news article I did not realise just how controversial my own take on the issue would be, despite my reason for choosing to write about this being that I found the subject provocative myself! This post continues to have the highest hit rate of all my posts since the start of the challenge – I wonder how much longer it can retain the ‘most read’ crown!? And it has also attracted the most comments!

The Grand Princess

Cruise – Where can I smoke on a cruise ship? – This was part of a series of posts related to my own recent cruise.  Between this, my  cruise ‘hints and tips‘ and the daily entries of my journey (which can be found under the ‘travel‘ category on my site) the hit rate probably accounts for more than 50% of my overall viewings!

Cars – MG Live at Silverstone 2011 – This was my most recent post and it attracted the most hits I have ever had in a short time period – 60 hits in the first hour it was posted!  An personal look at an interesting event I attended, I wonder if it’s the fact that it was about ‘cars’ that caused it to get some many visitors so quickly – shame site stats don’t really provide such in depth analysis for determining that!

BPD – Two posts in this category, both controversial. The first ‘How do I live with Borderline Personality Disorder?‘ was mainly  controversial for me, as it revealed my own personal battle with this disorder. It was the first time I had publicly revealed my condition (do the the stigma people attach to BPD and their fear of ‘mental illness’) and it was also the first time I wrote a guest blog for another site. The second – Which celebrities have Borderline Personality Disorder? was in response to the news that Marsha Linehan (an important figure in BPD circles) had ‘come out’ as a sufferer of the very condition she has worked so hard to help treat. I’m sure I will write plenty more about BPD, seeing as I have to live with it, but I also expect it will continue to bring in traffic for a long time as it is definitely very popular with my readers!

Well that’s the round-up for this half of the challenge, still to come over the following days and weeks posts on the topics of – how did I start?, FAQ’s, guest blogs, opinion pieces, more on BPD, an interview plus much more… why not subscribe to my blog so you can be amongst the first to view new posts as they appear!?  To do this just click on the ‘keep me informed’ button on the left hand side of the page and enter your email address; or click ‘notify me’ at the bottom of this article when you leave a comment! 😀

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