(Through the light of day) Why? – Guest Blog by Lydie

I walk down the road, step by step.

Can you feel the chill? Or is it just me?

I’ve got this thirst on, and the pub feels miles away.

We spend the day at the Forge Mill.

All sunburnt to a crisp,

Theres me stammering,

And you with your false lisp.

We’re walking and laughing,

Throwing stones into the river.

Smoking and drinking, we waffle on till the sun goes down.

It was a few years back, and it was the time of our lives.

Without a single frown, we lived off the beaten track.

But whats happened now?

Five years have past, how did it all change so quickly?

I’m just reminiscing, cause my legs in a cast

And I thought our happiness would last.

How did you lot grow up so quickly?

Cause we’re all still kids, But you lot are acting like middle aged plebs!

With your perfect jobs, and marriage, and church all before your 21!

While I’m all on my own, just wanting to celebrate life for living life itself!

What happened to the long day out in the sun and the rain?

All night sleepovers, where life was free and wasn’t lived in vain.

Now it feels it’s just me, and most of your are miserable.

Why has everyone accepted the dirt not the gold?

I beginning to think i was born in the wrong era.

Please take me to the punks of the 80’s.

Many thanks to Lydie for sharing her poem. Hope you have enjoyed it, there are more to come!

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