(Through the light of day) A poem of lust or is it love? – Guest Blog by Lydie

Female body.

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The heart is as hard as steel.

Is it really as tricky to feel?

Take me off to lovers land.

Hold my head.

Hold my hand.

Sing your song.

Lets hope this feeling lasts so long!

When I first saw you

You set me alight,

You turned my heart to glass

But I ran away in fright!

Is the a place in your bed for me?

They say to be sexy

They say to be beautiful.

But there is anything,

There is anything you can be!

With your hair like gold.

An your voice like a gentle whisper.

I dream of you with me.

Like a two tier butterfly.

Our bodies entwined from hot to cold.

I dream of this feeling to never die.

With your skin on mine,

Smooth, rich and pale

I feel your body pant and whine

Beating like a panther,

Breathing like a lion.

We become one.

But this is a dream, stuck in a glitch.

Will you be mine, and I be yours?

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