London Film and Comic Con 2011 – Part 1

Being major league geeks; my fiancee and I decided to go to London for the weekend to attend both days (and the preview evening) at Earl’s Court for the 2011 London Film and Comic Con presented by Showmasters.

We set out from the Midlands late on Friday afternoon, expecting to hit lots of traffic, but instead were fortunate enough to have a very smooth journey even when we got into London itself.  Much to our surprise we also immediately found a parking spot on the street alongside our hotel! We were staying at Hotel 65, booked through Travelstay.  A bargain for a London hotel booked last minute at less than £40 per night, per person including English breakfast! The room was basic but cosy, just what you need – no flashy extras. Once we settled in we headed out to find Earl’s Court…

It turned out to be approximately a 2 mile walk from our hotel, which wasn’t too bad – but I would later wish I hadn’t opted for low heels as with being on my feet most of the weekend on top of the walk I really suffered (lesson learnt!).

On arrival there was a short queue, and once inside we headed straight for another queue – to purchase autograph vouchers (we needn’t have bothered as you could pay cash at the desk – ohh well…).  My main target for the evening was to see Corey Feldman, so I could get his autograph and also have my ‘Lost Boys’ DVD and book signed! So, it was time to join another queue – something that would become a major part of the weekend! At least being the preview show the queues weren’t too bad!

Being my usual nervous self, when I got to the desk I was unable to ‘say’ anything interesting to Corey, and was also fearful that if I opened my mouth I may drop myself in it as realistically I had always loved Corey Haim much more – but as he had died last year, there was NO chance of ever fulfilling my dream of meeting him and it wouldn’t be fair to ‘drop’ this on Mr Feldman that he was only my ‘second choice’ lol. He signed my items and commented that he liked my hair, and that it was “Very Original” – which only added to my inability to speak! haha

Corey Haim.

Image via Wikipedia

Having satisfied my main aim of the weekend so early we had time to peruse the variety of memorabilia stalls on offer and have a nosy at who else was around for autographs and photo opportunities.  Being the preview, not all the stalls were set up and as is often the case at these things, many were ‘replicas’ of others, still there were a few interesting things to see. Personally I was disappointed at the lack of Lost Boys and BSG (Battlestar Galactica) memorabilia – but I kind of expected this. As usual Star Wars, Star Trek and Doctor Who were some of the main features of the majority of stalls (not that I have a problem with these, it’s just a bit more variety would be nice…)

Mentioning BSG, our next stop for the evening was Richard Hatch – Apollo in the original BSG and Tom Zarek in the ‘new’ BSG.  This time (despite us both being fans) it was my fiancees turn to get an autograph (we should’ve bought our BSG boxset!! doh!).

To finish the evening we spent some time looking at art work, being also both fans of ‘good’ but ‘different’ art.  I really wanted this Lost Boys ‘poster’ but at £110 I wasn’t sure it was a wise use of my money, after all, we have ‘so’ much art work to find wall space for already, where would I put it – so I decided against splashing out immediately, after all at that price it was unlikely to sell in a hurry, I had time to ‘think’ about it some more…

We then heard the announcement that doors would close in 5 minutes, and so decided that being here for the weekend we would have plenty of time to look at what we’d missed over the next two days. So, we took a slow stroll back to the hotel to get an early night so we could get back to the show early the next morning…

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