London Film and Comic Con 2011 – Part 3

batmobile and Monkees CarsSaturday afternoon, before our next guest speaker sessions we had a mooch round the many exhibitor stalls and displays.  Lots of people were dressed up as various characters from TV, film’s and video games, many of the outfits were of very high quality, especially those from the organised costume groups such as Cosplay.  I had popped in my vampire fangs and slipped into a dress to suit the role, but not really put much effort in – still one little girl in particular was very taken with me! lol. I enjoyed stopping to pose with some of the better dressed characters here and there –

Astral Gypsy

Chie Kutsuwada

We met some very interesting artists and watched as they worked on comic book pictures. The quality of work was amazing.

We had our portraits done by a couple of ‘Manga’ style artists, including the Astral Gypsy and Chie Kutsuwada it’s fascinating the different ways each artist interprets you!

Our favourite artist at the show was Matt Dixon whose work included ‘Pin-up Art’. We liked his work that much we bought 8 pieces (which are currently being professionally framed by Cofton Collections in Birmingham) and his book ‘Girls on Top! the pin-up art of Matt Dixon’, and of course we got all the work signed by the artist too! Matt has been producing art and illustrations for video games and freelance since 1988, his ‘Pin-up’ girls attract a lot of attention when he attends conventions and his newer ‘robot’ pieces are also amazing. the picture here doesn’t do his work justice, you have to see it for yourself!

Another high point of the afternoon was talking to the creators of Vampire Wedding – a comic book and film project about a wedding planner who unwittingly becomes part of an evil vampire world domination attempt when hired to arrange the wedding of a silent movie legend.  The team were promoting the comic and film, but also on the hunt for aspiring vampire extras to enter their casting competition.  Of course being such a huge vampire fan myself I had to pose with their convention guest star Gina Varela (star of ‘The Devils Rock‘) and I submitted my photos on the Facebook page for the competition – can you do me a favour a pop along and ‘like’ my pictures there (Vampire Weddings Facebook Page) so I have a chance of being part of the cast!? 😀 Thank You! V””V

As our mate Steve was still queuing outside at this point I had the opportunity to promote his work to the crew of Vampire Weddings as they were impressed with the quality of my fangs, so I explained how Steve at custom made the fangs to fit my teeth and he does this for a living, providing high quality, affordable custom made fangs for Vampire lovers across the world.  I’m sure Steve got chance to give them more detailed information about the service he provides, which extends to prosthetics as well,  himself later once he met them!

We collected our third autograph of the weekend, Mark Sheppard. It would have been great if we could have got a few more BSG autographs, but the only other star that had been due to attend LFCC was Luciana Carro (Kat) who couldn’t make it 😦

Having spent sometime spending money and chatting with the exhibitors it was time to get back to the main stage for our next series of talks…

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