London Film and Comic Con 2011 – Part 4

The first talk we went to on Saturday afternoon was given by Brent Spiner who played Data in Star Trek:The Next Generation.  Brent gave the best performance of the day, he could easily have pulled off a show without the need for questions from the audience!  He regaled stories from the filming of Next Gen, how it was so much fun and they all spent a lot of time being silly, initially Patrick Stewart was not enamored with the silliness and at one point yelled ‘Stop it, we’re here to act’ (Brent did a brilliant impression of Patrick’s voice for this!) but it wasn’t long before Patrick was joining in with the fun and silliness, which made the whole filming experience great for the cast and crew.  Brent spoke about his music, he plays the violin amongst other instruments and Judy Garland sang on his CD some 15 years ago! When asked about his favourtie times he explained how 1996-7 had been his ‘dream’ year, he had been filming First Contact, Independence Day and lots of other films it was a ‘fantastic’ year.  First Contact is also his favourite Star Trek movie, it had the best script and the best ‘everything’ lol. Regarding Data, when asked if he would reprise the role he said he didn’t think he could play data again, but would maybe return as another character if asked. Brent also really enjoys social media and is an avid tweeter, you can follow the ‘stories’ he writes from time to time on twitter and you can see his web series Fresh Hell on YouTube!

Next up was the one I’d been waiting for… Corey Feldman 😀  As he walked on stage he was filming the crowd cheering to post on his website.  He started by telling us how he was in London to celebrate his big 4.0 birthday.  The celebrations would be in four parties in four cities over four weekends, with two parties here in London – a fan party which had been on Friday night and tonight a party at the Playboy Club!  Several fans in the audience had been at the party the night before, I wonder if the parties were the reason Corey was wearing sunglasses all weekend? lol Next weekend he would be partying in Las Vegas and the locations of the remaining parties were to be announced soon.  To be honest the quality of questions wasn’t all that good but we still managed to get a good deal of information from Corey 🙂 He told us about how much fun it had been on the set of the Goonies, 6 months as a’family’ like being on an extended summer camp and as with the Goonies saying  “Goonies never say die!” all the original cast members are still standing; still being alive is quite an achievement as so many child stars don’t reach their big 4.0 :/ A fan asked about Corey’s dance in Dream a Little Dream and Corey explained that he choreographed the dance himself, and as his whole music career was based around him being able to dance like Micheal Jackson the dance itself was not a challenge for him – the hard part was making it look like he ‘couldn’t’ dance so well, especially as he was portraying an old man trying to dance in a young man’s body that he wasn’t used to… When asked about the Lost Boys and which had been his favourite film that he and Corey Haim had done together he explained that Lost Boys hadn’t been his favourite, though it was Corey Haim’s favourite.  Instead Corey Feldman had favoured Dream a little Dream and Blown Away over the Lost Boys.  He recalled with humour about his time during the filming of The Burb’s and how he had felt inadequate working with such huge, witty, comedic people as Tom Hanks when he was just a kid going through a growth spurt, heading towards his ‘dark’ place (and possibly ‘stoned’ for much of the time, lol) He felt he wasn’t a ‘funny’ person and was the ‘kid no-one listens to’ but somehow he got away with it, with people thinking he was funny, he considered this a ‘great deception’.  Another of his personal favourite films to have starred in was ‘The Birthday‘ a rare 2004 film that is only available from Amazon in Germany!  A child asked Corey to give his mom a hug than to finish the Q&A session a fan decided the last mention shouldn’t be a question but instead the fans should sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to Corey – to which we all joined in with gusto 😀

And so we come to our last speaker on Saturday – Tom Sizemore. Tom has been in many films, including Saving Private Ryan, Heat and Black Hawk Down.  To begin with Tom seemed somewhat disinterested with,  the whole thing, almost hostile, but thankfully as the questions went on he seemed to relax and get into it a bit more; even if his language was quite harsh throughout (dropping the F bomb unnecessarily much of the time).  He was asked which character he had enjoyed the best he selected his character from Natural Born Killers, but this was a close run thing with his character in Heat.  He didn’t want to talk about his Reality TV Show – stating emphatically ‘F**k that s**t!’ but was happy to chat about how he would like his good friend Johnny Depp to take the starring role playing himself if a film was made about his life and how he had disliked working on The Relic. Tom explained how working on war films was hard, intense and at times even dangerous.  As to what inspired him to get into acting he extolled about making puppets as a kid and how at around the age of 6 he had watched The Wizard of Oz and asked his mom if he could be ‘in it next year’ as he didn’t realise it was a film and thought it was ‘real’, then as a teenager he had become obsessed with acting inspired by Robert Deniro in Taxi Driver, which he watched 7 times in a month to study and analyze Robert’s acting, and how he likes to work with Oliver Stone who he considers a ‘great director, inspiring, a great leader and a brilliant man’.  He informed us he will be in the Expendables 2 and how proud he is to be ‘coming’ back’ after having lost everything ($42 million) and ending up in prison when he broke the law…  Let’s hope the comeback can keep him on the straight and narrow!!

Come back tomorrow for Part 5 – Sunday and coming soon, a post about what we got up to in London on Saturday night after LFCC finished for the day! 😉

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