How to gain more readers on your blog – What I learned from the NikkiP 30 Day Blogging Challenge

What a great journey!  I’ve had so much fun, learned so much, gained more confidence in my writing and been inspired – The #30dayblog challenge has pushed me to think more about what I write, who I am writing for and how to get people reading. This is also a landmark post for me, as well as completing the challenge this is my 100th post on my blog! Yay – Go me! 😀

Just me 🙂

So, as the challenge comes to an end here is a round up of some of the main things I have learned that help get more people reading your blog…

  1. Post Titles – Interesting ‘catchy’ titles might look good but ‘questions’ attract higher hit rates!
  2. Topical blogs – Are really popular, my first post for the challenge was written around an online newspaper article I had read and is STILL the most popular post on my site a month later!
  3. Call to Action – I now include this at the end of all my posts, to encourage readers to share, comment, subscribe and interact with me and my blog
  4. Guests – writing a guest post for another site and receiving guest posts on your site to give readers some variety and help promote other bloggers
  5. SEO – the use of key words and phrases, tags and titles that will attract attention in search engines to draw more traffic.  Using prevents me using various plugins that would enhance this further, but it’s still proved useful!
  6. Promotion – traffic to my blog has increased dramatically through useful promotion (without spamming). I now have my blog registered with a number of blog directories and lists, use Stumbleupon regularly and share links to my posts on relevant facebook groups/pages or in the comments of a news article when I have written a blog around the topic in the original article.
  7. Pictures – using pictures enhances your subject and can help to attract more interest

Now you may notice I haven’t given much detail about any of these things – there is a good reason for this! I don’t want to give it all away without encouraging you to take up the challenge yourself, that wouldn’t be fair 😉 You need to put in the effort if you want to see the results – no taking shortcuts! So if you want to take the #30dayblog challenge why not head over to Nikki Pilkington’s blog to find out more or purchase the ebook for just £5 – Click here to visit

Good luck with the challenge and be sure to let me know how you get on!! 😀

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