12 year old Gang Raped – Who are the real victims?


I just read the shocking, sickening news in the Daily Mail that the 6 ‘promising’ footballers who gang raped two 12 year old girls have had their sentences suspended by the Court of Appeal ruled that the girls had ‘wanted sex’.  Forgive me if I am wrong but even if a 12 year old girl wants sex, its still statutory rape in this country – am I right?  So, therefore regardless of if the girls wanted it, these ‘men’ (if you can call such filth ‘men’ to begin with) broke the law – repeatedly, together; so therefore they should be punished appropriately!

But, to add insult to injury in addition to freeing this scum, the release of these animals makes the girls look like wanton sluts who are to ‘blame’ for ‘ruining’ the promising footballing careers of the 6 degrading idiots – wait a minute – they are already behaving like ‘professional’ footballers, such disgusting abuse of ‘privilege’ and ‘fame’ is rife amongst even the highest premier league players. Were they just trying to establish a ‘star’ reputation to assist in their rise to fame and ‘glory’? How many times do we read about ‘household’ name footballers behaving in just this manner and thinking they can ‘get away’ with it just because of their ‘name’?

So, as far as the court of appeal is concerned these two young girls are not the ‘victims’ here, rather the 6 low-lifes are the victims because they will spend the next 10 years on the sex-offenders register and be unable to work with children (at least one wanted to coach children’s football training) and their ‘career’s are in ruins.  Awww, boo-hoo forgive me if I don’t shed a tear for them!  This is the very least of what they deserve!  Personally I would have each of them castrated as a minimum punishment – I don’t give a crap if they thought the girls were ’16’, they were aged 18-21 old enough to know better.  Their immaturity, disrespect, disregard and lack of remorse for their actions was demonstrated through twitter messages they allegedly posted during the trial.  But, I guess the only thing other than football on their minds was getting their rocks off, regardless of who it was with…

Gang rape is growing in popularity amongst young men, and guess where the ‘fashion’ for it stems from – professional footballers.  These guys have a lot to answer for, too many young people look up to these ‘icons’ as role models, but society needs to try and stop this because when do we ever read about footballers being good, faithful, reliable husbands? I don’t recall hearing of any!? At the very least they cheat on their partners, at worst they commit acts of gang rape against young impressionable fans – what kinds of ‘acceptable’ behaviour is this portraying to our young people?  To be honest I think that even though the media don’t report these things to ‘glorify’ them, it does ‘exactly’ that. Reports about top footballers misdemeanors are supposed to be ‘name and shame’ articles but when it comes to publicity for such people, there’s no such thing as bad publicity – maybe it’s time to call for ‘zero publicity’!!

Okay so just to add balance to this debate, lets examine the girl’s behaviour (as reported) as well.  The first girl ‘Katie’ (as she is known in the article) would appear to be the victim of circumstance in addition to the horrific sex attack. Having met up with her former best friend on a visit to her home town she ended up in a chain of events that led to the brutal conclusion.  She reportedly went along with her ‘friend’ in a car with the 6 men she didn’t know because she didn’t want to leave her friend.  When the ‘friend’ allegedly started taking the men off to have sex with Katie sat alone on a bench, crying, only to be ‘pestered’ into a sex act by one of the footballers. Okay, so Katie may have been foolish and naive to get into this situation, but she’s 12 – not all 12 year olds are the ‘mature’ beyond their years, aggressive, confident, sexually aware creatures that we are often led to believe they are;  Maybe her ‘friend’ Lucy was one of these ‘street-wise’ types.  Allegedly Lucy initiated the meeting and had indulged in similar sexual activities before, maybe Lucy would not have reported the incident had Katie not been with her, maybe Lucy did ‘want’ it, we only hear Katie’s version of events so we cannot be certain of Lucy’s motivations and actions.  But, even if Lucy was behaving age inappropriately and sexually promiscuously, this doesn’t change the facts – the men were still guilty of statutory rape, regardless of any other facts or confabulations. The girl’s lives have been damaged by the events of that night, and the men deserve to suffer too.

Yes, there are far too many young girls engaging in sexual activities by choice. Yes, there are far too many young girls dressing, acting and pretending to be older than they really are to enable them to engage in such activities.  Yes, society isn’t doing enough to discourage this behaviour. Yes, there are far too many girls and women ‘crying rape’ after engaging in sexual activity they later wish they hadn’t partaken in.  BUT – this doesn’t change the fact that what happened here was wrong, and these dirty men have been allowed to get away with it.  It’s not right, it’s not fair and it sets a bad example for others to think they can use this case as an example to ‘prove’ their innocence when engaging in the sexualisation and abuse of children and group sex acts.

The men in this case – Jahvon Edwards19, Dennis De Sousa, 19, Jahson Downes, 20, Ashley Charles, 20, Courtney Amos, 20, and Luke Farrugia, 21 – believe they are the VICTIMS.  The Court of Appeal appear to agree, the original Judge who sentenced them considered the girls the victims. What do you think? Who are the real victims? I know what I think…

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10 comments on “12 year old Gang Raped – Who are the real victims?

  1. Interesting post. Full of phrases like ‘scum’, ‘filth’, ‘men’ (derogatory), ‘animals,’ etc. All very good and trues descriptions. However, these descriptions curiously go missing in the media and on blogs when the rapist is female and we are told the little boy ‘wanted it’ ‘had a good time’ and has been ‘made into a man.’

    Then there is the emotive photograph. I would love to know the source of the figures used. How they were gathered. Who did the gathering of them. What was the sample size and so on. Just printing a photograph with some shocking sounding numbers on it is not evidence, but it is good propaganda and it will frighten a lot of people which is what it was made for.

    Sorry to be so cynical but you see, I remember the Superbowl Sunday fraud. For those who don’t know, the fraud took this form. A single person (A feminist adovacy researcher) sent some numbers to the press in which it was claimed that domestic abuse against women skyrocketed during the Superbowl match in America. Some scary numbers were attached to the press release.

    Naturally, the press — full of boys and girls all in love with the truth and not at all sensationalists trying to flog newspapers — printed the numbers nationwide without actually checking them first. Fear and outrage grew rapidly. So rapidly that politicians leapt on the passing bad wagon and President Clinton (Another lover of truth) set about the process that earmarked over 1 BILLION (Yes. You read that right) dollars to women’s groups (feminists) fighting the ‘evil men’ who were beating their wives up ‘behind closed doors.’ Evil women doing the same were excluded from outrage of course, so no mens groups taking care of male victims got a penny.

    One reporter (Yes, you read that right also. Just ONE reporter from the entire American media) read the figures and thought to himself ‘Hang on. These numbers CAN’T be right.’ He did some digging. Having traced the female who sent the press release he asked where she got the numbers. When he checked her answer he discovered she was lying. The numbers were an invention. By then, of course, the TV was covered in Ad’s warning women that they were likely to be beaten up by their husbands during the match on Superbowl Sunday. During the match, men-shaming Ad’s were run describing men who beat their wives as scum bags. Leaflets were sent to homes warning women their male partners were going to hurt them.The feminists got a billion dollars to play with and that buys an awful lot of propaganda, unused rape crisis centres on Uni’ campuses around the country and bought in advocasy ‘researchers.’ It also buys a lot of shame to heap upon the male gender.

    “If you look at these myths they almost all promote this idea that women are victims and men are brutes. The ‘Super Bowl hoax,’ for example, depicts the average guy sitting in his couch watching the Super Bowl as a violent predator and I think this promotes prejudice” Christina Hoff Sommers.

    Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2011/02/01/super-bowl-domestic-violence-myth-persists/#ixzz1T1OP0wAf

    More here: http://www.menweb.org/suprmyth.htm

    And here: http://www.snopes.com/crime/statistics/superbowl.asp

    Now, let’s get something straight here. Men who rape children or anyone else belong in jail but I am not buying into the idea sold here that, ‘such disgusting abuse of ‘privilege’ and ‘fame’ is rife amongst even the highest premier league players.’ I don’t buy it because it is not true. Have you seen how many footballers have been accused and then been found not guilty because the accuser was a liar out to make money, get attention, or after revenge?

    Where men are guilty of any kind of rape, lock them up. But, don’t buy into the attempt to create some rape hysteria because the feminists want to see more and more men locked in jails, guilty or not!

    There is a real anti male hate movement happening among women and it is being fed by the media. Doubt it? Think that is just paranoic conspiracy theorising. Have a look at this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xjhD3PpPHVw&feature=player_embedded

    This behaviour is becoming very common. Don’t get sucked in girls. If you do, you are no better that the Ku klux Klan or the BNP!

    Neither do I buy into the manical call for men to be ‘castrated.’ Funny, I never hear that call for women who rape. Strange huh? I have yet to hear a female say that a female rapist should have her vagina surgically sealed.

    I had respect for this blog. I have just felt that respect dented. Not because of the anger expressed. That I can understand and sympathise with, but because the facts have not been checked out and numbers given seem more interested in scaring people than telling the truth. It is the TRUTH that will end this kind of thing, not emotive frauds.

    I smell a political rat in this descision by the apppeal court. It stinks of an attempt to fuel outrage rather than do justice and it would not be the first time that judges and courts have done this. One thing I have learned over 35 years of dealing with these issues as a men’s rights activist is NEVER take on face value anything that smacks of sensationalism. ALWAYS check everything twice.

    One thing we all should have learned from the Murdoch scandal is that the press run the government and have done for many years. The press are setting the policial agenda by manipulating the people and the politicians. Treat everything with caution. Be angry sure, just don’t buy into the game and never swallow figures without checking them. There are many liars out there and all of them have an agenda.

    • Hi George,
      I’m sorry my post has lost your respect.

      Firstly, a lesson for me – don’t post something written whilst angry and before I have added the ‘balance’ I normally ensure to include in my posts! The second girl in the story ‘Lucy’ would appear to allegedly have been the kind of shit-stirring little slut who would only have claimed rape against these guys if they ‘upset’ her in some way because it would appear ‘group’ sex is a ‘normal’ pass- time for her, still being only 12 in the UK she is below the age of consent so regardless if she ‘wanted’ sex or didn’t want to press charges against these guys they had still committed statutory rape, the police had to charge them and they should not have been released.

      Secondly, I agree the image is alarmist, and I did not ‘check’ the figures it includes – it was a ‘suggested’ image by wordpress zemanta image library, which looked ‘fitting’ to the story. No defense, just a honest admission of lack of judgement on my part for that one.

      Are you based in the USA? apologies if this is an incorrect assumption, but it ‘appears’ that you may be.

      Had the people in this case been women, I would have used various derogatory terms to describe their vile, sickening behaviour as well. Women who rape boys are just as worthy of contempt and I for one would advocate the ‘sewing up of their vaginas’! Over here this kind of behaviour by women is most often reported as ‘teachers taking advantage of teenage boys’ and it is just as sickening a case of child sexualisation and peadophilia as when it involves men. I guess the difference between you and me here is I am not an activist for male or female rights, I believe that regardless of gender if you commit disgraceful acts against another man, woman, child or animal you should be suitably punished. Yes, men suffer more punishment (unfairly, hence why I have made several posts defending men) because the feminist’s and misandrists scream louder than the men’s rights activists and misogynists (I’m not calling you a misogynist here btw, I’m probably closer to being one than you are!)

      I do not know much about Superbowl Sunday, but then it probably didn’t make such big news here in the UK? As I believe would be the case with many of the stories about UK footballers, household names here unknown in the US are unlikely to make the news there? While I agree that in many cases it is a fact that women have cried ‘rape’ against footballers for their own attempts at fame, revenge or to make money, it is also a fact that ‘British’ Footballers (premier league and otherwise) are well known for abusing their ‘position’ to have sex with girls not caring about their ages (http://www.stopdemand.org/afawcs0112878/ID=12/newsdetails.html). In the words of one premier league player (formerly released on a gang rape charge – http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/2004/jan/09/football.paulkelso?INTCMP=ILCNETTXT3487) ‘nearly every time a girl came back to the hotel, it was for sex”. He added: “I assume that when a girl’s coming back to a hotel after the club, it’s for sex.”
      (Read more: http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/top-stories/2011/06/17/footballer-titus-bramble-s-brother-facing-jail-term-after-being-found-guilty-of-rape-115875-23208333/#ixzz1T2paYozk) – his brother has now been found guilty of rape.

      I will be more careful to ‘check’ my facts in future as I do not wish to offend anyone (other than those who deserve to be offended – the perpetrators of injustice against others), but then I’m only human and you can’t please everyone all of the time…

  2. Hi Sharon.

    I was careful to say that this post had “dented” my respect. It certainly has not “lost it.” I have huge respect for you because you are looking for the truth and that is why this dissapointed me. It is not like you to be careless from what I have read on this blog. As you say, we cannot please everyone so don’t take it too much to heart.

    I read the links in your reply. There was something about the Stop Demand story that troubled me. It was the opening lines of that story that did not ring true. They sounded like the lines a woman might think a man would say. You know, in a badly written novel. I wanted to know which reporter wrote this story so I clicked on the link at the bottom. I was not surprised where that link took me. Straight to the News Of The World site.

    I was wrong, I noticed, the story was written by Clive Goodman but those opening lines still troubled me. A man talking like that straight after hearing he had just had the rape charges against him dropped would have to be a maniac and very, very, stupid. Those opening lines still felt invented. It was then that I remembered where I had heard the name of Clive Goodman, NoW reporter before. This is the man: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/phone-hacking/8625662/News-of-the-World-former-royal-editor-Clive-Goodman-arrested.html

    The dirty, lying, phone hacking, corrupting, criminal creep who was jailed recently. This was the scum that wrote this story and I am willing to bet embellished it as much as he could to provoke just the anger and outrage in people like it was calculated to provoke.

    I did a little more digging. Who registed StopDemand.org?

    I posted a query to the whois domain lookup site and discovered that the site was registed by Denise Ritchie in New Zealand. This was another name I had heard before but could not remember where or why.

    Ms Ritchie is an Auckland based Solicitor who specialises in child pornography cases. However, she is more than that. She is also a member of W.A.P (Women Against Pornography http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Women_Against_Pornography#cite_note-34 ) A radical feminist group.

    This was starting to smell interesting. You see Rebeka Brooks (Wade), former editor of the NoW is a roaring radical feminist man hater and husband abuser. I have met her and had a short row with her in a London TV studio and the woman is as mad as a box of spanners. She is also a hell of a liar. Further checking revealed where I had heard the name of Denise Ritchie. She had called for men to make Father’s Day a “day of shame” back in 2001. Shaming all men for the actions of a few is a typical feminist tactic. Read here: http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=223937

    So. What do we have here? The NoW wrote this emotive piece and employed a known liar to beef it up a little and make sound as bad as possible. He was employed at the time by another nut case and roaring feminist as his editor. That editor was in place when the story writer was jailed for hacking phones. Goodman and Andy Coulson were arrested together recently. Coulson was in 10 Downing Street as advisor to David Cameron when Cameron did his shaming fathers speech on Fathers Day this year. Cameron and Coulson are close friends of Rebeka Brooks. This story was placed on a web site owned and run by another radical feminist in New Zealand.

    A nest of vipers is starting to emerge. I could dig further but I don’t have the time right now.

    Check everything. You never know where it mght lead.

    If you send me your email address (you have mine) we can talk off-blog if you prefer?

    • Hi George,

      Thanks for your comments, I had noticed that the first article on the Stop Demand site was from NoW – I hadn’t the time to research deeper, but I’m not surprised at your findings!
      The Daily Mail (who reported the case of question in this blog post) is another that is notorious for its feminist spin, it made a nice change to read an article that hadn’t been as badly reported as their usual tripe, although there were still parts that had not been given enough ‘balance’ (like the irrelevant mention that 4 of the 6 guys came from broken homes – what point does that serve?)

      I am happy to talk off-blog, my e-mail is crystalbear96@hotmail.com, but also I think it is good that these comments are public on the blog as it helps raise awareness amongst those who would not otherwise see the ‘other’ side of things 🙂

  3. Thanks Sharon.

    I only suggested talking off blog because I did not want to dominate your comments section too much. Anything I say to you in e-mail, unless marked confidential, or that is obviously of a personal nature, you are welcome to post here or I can do it if that is a problem. I am not familier with how wordpress works.

    • No problem, I don’t get ‘that’ many comments, and I don’t think your comments ‘dominate’ them, they are useful and informative 🙂

      I have WordPress set so that I have to approve comments before they are published.

      If you would like to write a guest post for me to share on here, you can email it and I will publish it for you 🙂

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  5. This is an highly disturbed, deeply confused rant that is reminiscent of the symptoms of religious mania. It conflates many religious teachings together into an incoherent mess of illogical and irrational thought streams.

    I would urge this writer to seek help if he or she has not done so already. It is clear to me (and this is a personal view and not a medical diagnosis) that this person is suffering deep psychological issues that need attention. It is also quite possible that with the correct treatment that this person could be brought back into balance and live a relatively normal life. What is important though, and what I would urge, is that help is sought quickly.

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