Blog round up – #30dayblog challenge over, what now?

So, I finally completed the #30dayblog challenge with a multi-part post about my weekend in London and a review of the challenge. Who would have thought that just two and a half days in our Capital city would provide me with enough content for 7 days worth of blogs posts!?ย  Now that the challenge is over I still one topic, which I was unable to complete in the time, to work on – an FAQ’s piece.ย  At the halfway mark I was averaging around 50 hits per day on my blog, now its closer to 100 and there is more and more variety in the sources of referrals and search engine terms that are bringing visitors in, plus visitors are staying longer, clicking through to more content, commenting and subscribing much more! All of this is really good stuff, and it’s all thanks to the @NikkiPilkington and the #30dayblog challenge Click here to visit

On a personal note the best thing of all for me has been being asked to write a blog post for the National Charity MIND! After reading my ‘Returning to Work after a BPD crisis‘ post they contacted me via twitter to ask me to write for them. I have submitted my first post which should be going online soon, and have already been given a topic for my next post for them, a book review – as soon as my copy of the book arrives I will get cracking on that one and see what comes up next ๐Ÿ™‚

Without further ado here is a round up of the top 3 posts from the second half of the challenge, the posts that I highlighted at the halfway mark as the most popular are still the most popular of all my posts, but rather than repeat them in this round up I’m just including posts other than those, well actually its more like ‘groups’ of posts as some of the newest popular posts have been multi-part posts or posts that are connected with other posts, well you’ll see what I mean –

Nelsons Ship in a Bottle and the National Gallery, Trafalagr Square

London Weekend – My fiancee and I went to London for the London Film and Comic Con, we had such a great time being there Friday Evening, through to Sunday attending a variety of talks by the many guest stars in attendance and meeting some really cool people. We also took the chance to explore a bit of London and take in a brilliant theatre production – as you can tell by the link words in this short synopsis of the weekend the weekend produced 7 blog posts all of which have proved very popular!

Interviews – I started a series of interviews with friends and colleagues all of whom have varied and interesting careers, so far I have published interviews with a ‘professional student‘ ‘a teacher in a inner city state school‘ and a ‘general radiographer‘ with more interviews to come soon, including a ‘web-designer’ and a ‘catering manager in a care home’. these posts are proving popular as career inspirations and insights into what it is like to work in the various fields.

Our Sexist Brain

Image by Ryan Somma via Flickr

Opinion posts – After starting the challenge with the highest ranking post of all time on my blog (still getting numerous hits per day) ‘Is Chivalry Sexist‘ I have written a few more ‘opinion’ pieces all in a similar line of interest – sociological, anti-feminist, sexist, controversial topics. Including ‘So what if a woman hits a man?‘ and my opinion on ‘Clare’s Law

Please share you views on these and any other posts I’ve made, I really do like to know what you think! and if you have any suggestions about topics you would like me to write about again, please share them! ๐Ÿ™‚

Thank You!

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