Book Review – Need by Carrie Jones

If you like teen supernatural books like the Twilight series, but fancy a bit of something different to Vampires then ‘Need‘ is for you!

I’ve not done a book review before, but I read so many good books that I’m sure not everyone will have heard of that I thought I should give it a go…

Even though I am a huge Vampire and supernaturals fan, i generally stick to ‘adult’ books in the genre.  Therefore, I’ve not read the Twilight series myself, despite us having the full set before the films were released and I would never have read this book had it not been for my daughter getting an extract sampler with one of her teen magazines. I had a hospital appointment to attend and didn’t have time to read a full book so I grabbed her sampler as it would be just long enough without having to stop part way through. I am glad I did read it, I had to order the book as soon as I got home as I really needed to find out what happened next!


After her step-father dies, Zara is sent to her birth-town to stay with her grandmother, to help her recover from her loss.  However, before she even gets there she begins to think she is being followed by a suspicious man.  Zara, recites phobia names as a coping mechanism when she is nervous and with things getting stranger by the day after her arrival in the freezing town in Maine.  She quickly makes some new friends and enemies in the sleepy town. Her new friends help her as she tries to find out who is following her and leaving a trail of gold dust in his wake and it very soon becomes clear that there are some non-human elements in town – many closer to home than Zara ever expected.  As the truth is revealed an epic battle ensues and Zara discovers more about her self, her family and her friends than she really wants to know.

The first book to a trilogy (so far) Need is an unputdownable read.  I’m pretty sure Carrie Jones will soon be a household name like Stephanie Meyer. Giving a different twist to the supernatural genre, whilst keeping some old favourite elements, if the Needpixies series doesn’t become a film I will be very surprised!

Now, I must get on with reading the next books in the series ‘Captivate‘ and ‘Entice

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