Breast Enlargement: My journey – Stage 1 Research

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I had been thinking about having my breast’s enlarged for a while after a sudden decrease in size in the middle of 2011.  I was quite upset at the shrinkage as there appeared to be no real reason for it, normally such things occur following dramatic weight-loss or childbirth, neither of which applied to me. Well,  In fact I had dramatic weight-loss back in early 2009 when I dropped from 11 stone to 8 stone, size 12/14 dress size to 8/10 (well sometimes 6 depending on the clothes).  But, when I lost all that weight I maintained my 34DD breast size (which is quite ample) while I had been ‘bigger’ myself I hadn’t really considered my boobs to be that good a size and was shocked to discover (after years of discomfort and ill-fitting bras) that it was because I was wearing a 36B when I should have been wearing a 34DD. Now, uncertain as to my actual size again (need to get remeasured, I’ve tried 34B, C, and D cups but none fit ‘right’) but definitely smaller as my boobs dont fill 34DD bras anymore, I need/want my bigger boobs back!

The thing I’m worried about (other than the usual risks of such procedures) is general anaesthetic, I’ve never had any surgery and should I put myself through surgery for vanity? I’ve never been one to approve of such things but if you’re paying and not getting the NHS to pay then it’s your choice really. Still, I just don’t know. If I get my boobs done, would I then be dissatisfied with something else and end up in some vicious circle of ‘self-improvement’ that ends up becoming more of a problem than a cure. I mean for starters is this just another symptom of my BPD, lack of sense of self and identity? Am I searching for something I’ll never find? Am I doing this because I know my other half would like me to have bigger boobs? Is it another form of self-harm?

Whatever the end decision, I am trying to do my homework properly and not rush into anything.  I’m reading research papers online and trying to find studies about Macrolane, an alternative injectable breast enlargement procedure that does not require general anaesthetic. However, this procedure is still quite new in comparison to traditional implants and there is not much information available about the safety (or not) of the treatment, and of course long term effects cannot be described when something is new. A few individual reports from women complain of ‘encapsulation’ which is a normal body reaction to foreign objects, leaving them in pain and deformed – but you can read these things about ‘botched’ or rejected implants too. One clinic has posted a helpful video stating why they dont use Macrolane, and I spoke to Transform, who don’t use it because they feel there is not enough information about it’s safe use to risk their reputation offering it – maybe they will in future if it is proven safe and effective?

As it stands, other than the research carried out by the manufacturers in Japan (which to me is not good enough as it may be biased as the manufacturers commissioned it) there is no ‘real’ evidence of the safety of Macrolane. Yet, there are still regular reports of problems and complications with traditional implants, despite many improvements with the procedures over the years…

Then there is the issue of cost, traditional breast enlargement can cost from around £3700 (Transform, 2011) whilst Macrolane starts at around £3000 (Stratford Dermatherapy clinic, 2011) BUT macrolane is only temporary, needing a top-up (at a further £1000) in 12-18 months. So, it’s not really a cost saving option to go for macrolane. And, despite claims of being ‘quicker’ for macrolane the procedure time for both is about the same, 45 minutes, the difference would be needing more recovery time after a general anaesthetic with surgical implants.

So, as it stands prior to going for a free consultation with different clinics these are the pro’s and con’s of both types of procedure:



  • No general anaesthetic
  • Injection rather than scar
  • ‘apparently’ quicker recovery time


  • relatively new procedure
  • not much information about safety
  • temporary

Surgical Implants


  • permanent
  • well established with improving safety records
  • personal recommendations from friends who’ve had the procedure


  • general anaesthetic
  • known possible side-effects/reactions
  • recovery time

So, my research phase continues for now, I have some consultations booked and I will be back with an update in the near future…

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8 comments on “Breast Enlargement: My journey – Stage 1 Research

  1. errr con’s YOU CAN NEVER GO BACK TO YOUR NATURAL SIZE OR SHAPE,put a few pounds on with some junk food and stop worrying so much about stuff and your boobs will come back,this could just be a temporary measure and the final part of your weight loss from 2009,but rather than looking at yourself as i have no boobs take a look at those fab pic from on your cruise and see how shapely you look then say to yourself i don’t need anything more than what i have got and if he want bigger boobs tell him to get him own done instead!

  2. I cant make your decision for you, but I can give you my opinion. Stay natural. I dont know about the new thing that you were talking about, but implants gross me out. Id much rather date a flat chic or one with saggy boobs, then one with implants.

  3. breast implants aren’t forever. They need to be replaced at least once every ten years, more often if they become encircled with scar tissue or leak … and of course each time you replace them you get fresh scars.
    Also, I don’t know how many breast jobs you’ve seen a few years after the fact, but as own breast tissue continues to sag, it dangles beneath those pert silicone globes embedded beneath your pectoral muscles and your nipples are no longer centered. It’s not a good look.
    Be very careful. Be sure your breasts really need improving and I hope to God you were joking about wanting to do this due to ill-fitting bras. Try more on, get them tailored, have your bras custom made, it’s cheaper, less painful, and there’s no chance of deformity.
    I’m not saying any of the above-stated risks aren’t justified if you truly want and need new breasts, but take a good look at yours before you decide. Ask a girlfriend to photograph you topless when you’re both in a convivial mood and don’t look at the results until after they’re printed out — different effect that looking into a mirror or at jpg files.
    I did this with my friend and unfortunately mine looked worse than expected but we both agreed hers were rather pretty, even though she’s the older one. Your experience may be like hers.
    Have you looked at other non-surgical options? I tried taking vast amounts of that puereria mirifica herb — got a bit of improvement, not worth the pms symptoms, including acne. My next stop — the Noogleberry, a very low-rent ($57) version of the Brava suction machine ($2000), which showed some positive results in clinical trials.
    It’s straight out of bizarro world — a pair of Lucite cups linked by plastic aquarium tubing hooked to a hand pump but the before/ after pics in the forums look real, so I’m in.
    Even if it’s a bust, hahaha, it’s good for a giggle, when my friend takes some pics of me wearing it.

    • Hi Amy,
      Thanks for sharing some very useful info, I’ve decided against having any kind of breast enlargement myself, mine may be small be they are in good shape and look nice, so I’m happy to stick with what I’ve got rather than risk ending up with a mess! 🙂

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