Poem – (Through the light of day) The Road – Guest post by Lydie

Roads At Night: Slow Night

Image by Cayusa via Flickr

Because I lose my way

Like a spot on the channel freeway.

I fly like the speed of light

Dashing through the day

With the highway lights spinning into a blur

I gain my strength within my vision

I lose it in mid-flight

It is how it is, wether or not you concur

Please don’t strike me with your stupid superstition

I dream of a place called home

As I fly in flashes

I have got lost, not knowing where to go.

Through the world of wake,

Where people paint their happy faces.

But are we really going places?

I’m sitting on a train, waiting in vain.

In a naïve hope, that someday, something will come.

You need to serve no master but your ambition.

To free yourself, train your mind into an unguarded intuition.

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