UK Riots

Looters in London

What has our society come to?

Cities across the UK are being looted, trashed and burned by our own youths.


It all started with a single man being shot dead by police in Tottenham, London.  An investigation is being held as there are conflicting reports as to whether the man shot at the police first or not, but a gun was recovered at the scene. A peaceful protest about the incident on Saturday was followed by an outbreak of violence which spread across London over the weekend and last night. Then in what is being blamed as ‘incitement’ by Social media copy cat incidents of violence and looting began to break out in Birmingham City Centre yesterday evening. There are also reports of trouble in Liverpool, Bristol, Nottingham and other cities across England.

Social Media has played a part in spreading fear as people began spreading rumours on Facebook and Twitter of incidents breaking out in areas that were unaffected, including claims of trouble in other areas of the West Midlands, Birmingham Children’s Hospital under attack and buildings were on fire, when at the time West Midlands Police and Fire Service were reporting on their twitter accounts:

 @WMPolice Contrary to rumours there we have not received any reports of disorder in Coventry or Wolverhampton

@WestMidsFire We can confirm that we have not attended any fires or incidents related to the disturbances in Birmingham.

The whole thing is disgusting, the is no real reason for any of this behaviour and parents were being urged to find out where their children were and get them home as the majority of incidents are believed to involve teenagers.

To do my bit to help dispel some of the rumors I re-tweeted the WM police and Fire tweets and reported ‘facts’ I heard on the news and from a source within the police force.

The majority of people are sickened by the lack of respect for our own country that these acts of criminality and violence are demonstrating. My friends and I were sharing  Facebook ‘status updates’ such as –

“Ok enough is enough just call in the TA put up tannoys and announce “USE OF LIVE FIRE IS AUTHOURISED – DISPERSE TO YOUR HOMES IN 15 MINUTES AND YOUR HUMAN RIGHTS WILL BE RESPECTED” then fire over there heads – anything not walking away in a rational manner after 15 is good target practice for afghan – simple”

“Parents of Birmingham… Should son or daughter have a nice new phone or pair of trainers tomorrow… You know what to do… March them to the police station… Its your duty…”

“Message to all the rioters ………. . You wanna be big men and fight to the death, well get your sorry little arses on the next plane to Afghanistan and stand alongside real men, they’re called soldiers and they are fighting a war unlike you bunch of pathetic wastes of space !!!!!”

“The terrorists will be laughing, they don’t need to do anything to destroy our country – our own youths can do it for them :/”

And while none of it is excusable, it just gets worse when they moved on from taking it out on shops to taking it out on people’s homes, I bet they were no where near their own homes, or if they were it would be so they can claim the insurance for their home being burnt!? People’s homes, businesses and livelihoods are being destroyed.

Blaming Social Media is not accurate or helpful, apparently people used Twitter and Blackberry Messenger to ‘mobilise’ groups into the rioting behaviours, but far more one can easily see from a quick search and the use of hashtags (#) how Twitter is playing a part in organising people getting together to help clean up the mess – #riotcleanup

Furthermore apparently the police have people monitoring twitter to help with the arrests of those involved in the incidents – as they are foolish enough to ‘brag’ about these things on Social Media. If anything, social media has probably been a greater help than it has a hindrance in this situation.

This morning, things seem fairly quiet in most of the areas reported to have incidents last night. Let’s hope it stays that way!

OMG –  I just heard on BBC news (08.57am) that they are blaming cuts in youth clubs, family breakdowns etc for this! NO WAY it has nothing to do with ANY thing like that – this is plain and simple COPY CAT CRIMINALITY, for no excuse or reason at all, as just reported on Touch Radio a youth had said “We are targeting areas with electrical stores to loot TV’s”

This is unacceptable behaviour, that can not be blamed on any outside force other than a disgusting intent to destroy and taking advantage of a knowledge that if the police are stretched in one area then other areas are vulnerable and accessible to be targeted by these scum!!

And parents, keep your young people at home tonight! Do not allow them to jump of the band wagon of unjustifiable, violence, looting and criminality!

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  1. It’s the likes of the left of this world who give these criminals succour and help them to justify what they have done, otherwise they wouldn’t have the intelligence to provide a coherent justification. They are now able to legitimise their actions because of idiotic political opportunism spouting forth from the Livingstons and Dianne Abbots of this world.

    A VERY strong reaction is now required.

      • Abbott and Livingstone were blaming cuts, however Abbott did also say ‘nothing excuses violence. There is no doubt that all types of mindless thugs latched on to the disturbances…’

        The water cannon would be a good start, if the police were trained to use it :/ but better yet we should declare ‘marshal law’ and send in the troops to take this scum off our streets!

  2. Great Post, Totally Agree. Disgusted, we live in a civilised free society they do know better! I hope the police catch up with all those responsible

  3. What annoys the hell out of me? the looters… if my teen daughter came home with a laptop and a TV I’d want to see the receipts. It would not be something she’d be allowed to keep. Why have these parents buried their heads in the sand?

    If she wanted to go out with her mates, I’d be sitting her down with a discussion as to why she’d be safer at home…. I guess I am old fashioned when it comes to parenting!

    • I agree completely! and worse still those parents who were actually taking their children in to loot shops! (as reported by police on BBC news earlier)

  4. Just watch out for the political and legal consequences of this. If people’s human rights are further reduced then you can garantee such behaviour serves a purpose for the government.
    Furthermore, there was a philosopher (can’t recall his name) who said something along the lines of, “if the masses begin to believe that all their institutions in life are gradually being destroyed, then there would be a war of every man against every man”.
    The UK and Europe is over populated and getting out of control. This kind of behaviour is not surprising given all that and the mind control and mental confusion that is pumped out every day by the media who are not supportive of a positive society.
    Personally i would be watching out for our human rights. They are already in jeopardy. This will make it worse.
    Well…that’s what i reckon anyway!

  5. However, I will add that i dont condone this behaviour. Only that the target for these people are wrong. They are fighting themselves. There is something grossely wrong with society when this occurs, which is esentially anarchy. The masses are clearly angry and psychologically messed up. This is not lefty soft talk. It;s reality. The behaviour is bad but what is triggering it and where and how better would or could this level of anger be re-channellled!

    • I can see what you mean about our human rights being at risk if ‘stronger’ action is taken to deal with these scum. It truly is a state of anarchy! but I disagree about them being angry, they are just along for the ride, to get what freebies and cause what trouble they can for ‘laughs’ ‘kicks’ and as one chav sat outside my local pub last night said ‘coz its fun aint it’ (what a stupid person!) – this youth was with a gang of girls, one was heavily pregnant, another had a young child about 3 years old and they were waiting for it to ‘kick’ off in our local town centre to join in!!! (thankfully it didn’t). They were not angry and those proclaiming ‘anger’ are coming up with ‘excuses’ for their behavior AFTER the fact rather than the ‘reason’ they were there in the first place.

  6. Did no-one challenge them?

    I am relieved that the likes of the Turkish community stood together, and that the people of Enfield have made it clear they will not be sitting idly by and letting the low-lifes do what they like. I’d be proud to be standing shoulder to shoulder with them.

    • I wanted to challenge them and report them to the police parked at the train station next to the pub, however I was told not to ‘provoke’ them because they weren’t actually ‘doing’ anything but if any of us reported them or told them to ‘get the fuck away from our pub you chav scum, and take your child home where it belongs’ (which is what I wanted to say, lol) they might ‘kick’ off and it would be our pub windows that went then the pub would have to close which none of us regulars would want. So, we just monitored them (they weren’t served any drinks) as they sat outside and finally they drifted off when it was clear no-one was coming to start anything in our town for them to join in with (too scared to start on their own but wanting to share the loot and ‘fun’ of tagging along with the braver ones obliviously). I know though that all of us were itching for them to start cause we would have took them down in a second! The little teen chav’s would’ve chosen the wrong place to start – an ‘alternative’ pub not frequented by the ‘normal’ people in the town (we are the freaks and outcasts, rockers, gays, mental cases(well me at least, lol) just generally a crowd not to be messed with lol)

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  8. I had an amazing conversation with a man I have known a long time, last night. I say ‘amazing’ because this man is not a paranoid conspiracy nut. He is one of the most grounded, down to earth people I have ever met and one who I have often turned too for advice in the past. What he said not only blew my socks of (as it were) but was also delivered in such a normal, run-of-the-mill, conversational way that its impact on me was even greater. Anyway, for good or ill, this is a summary of what was said.


    “The police shot a popular local youth in Tottenham in order to spark trouble. They then used infiltrators in various cities to spread that trouble around the country. The purpose of the operation was to create outrage in the population at large, as a psychological tool to prevent the people overthrowing the House of Commons and its system, which is what they fear the most. Their propaganda machines in the media were all ready to go and their script written before the “trouble” kicked off. Social media programs like Twitter and Facebook were then used to control the reactions/actions of the people. The whole thing is one big black psy-ops experiment carried out in rehersal because something bigger is in the pipleline.”

    Note: The man saying this to me did NOT say overthrow the government, but overthrow the House Of Commons. When I asked why he said, ‘That is the seat of the system. If that falls it all falls. It does not matter which government is in power because that is all an illusion anyway.’

    Interesting ideas. Reminded me of the minors strike and a program on TV at that time whose name I cannot remember (GBH?) starrring Robert Linsay (My family) as a corrupt politician who was ruling everything in Liverpool and who was brought down by a character played by Michale Palin. The program showed how riots could be instigated by those with a vested political interest in doing so.

    As I said. This had a greater impact on me because of its source. Had it been some local fool in the pub, half drunk, I would have put it down to a conspiracy nut and forgotten it. Anyway, for good or ill, it makes for an interesting alternative view and discussion point.

    • Hi George,
      Definitely an interesting perspective. Indeed whoever is in ‘power’ they all seem to ‘screw’ things up! and like you say it does sound very ‘conspiracy theory’ to consider the whole thing was orchestrated as some kind of experiment, but it is also an extremely plausible idea at the same time! I wonder what other people would think of this?

  9. Hi again. Further to my remarks above I had another chat with the guy who told me this rioting was an “instigated matter designed to cover up current events and control peoples fears.” I asked how he came to his conclusions. There followed a long discussion during which he pointed me to this video on you tube and a few others:

    Interesting stuff.

    • Thanks George, just watched the video. Shocking stuff! If such a thing was indeed the provocateur to the events that have been happening here I’m sure that people’s outrage would be even higher than it already is!

    • I would actually be rather interested in your views on a disturbing comment I have received on my post about the gang rape the commenter used the name – ‘The gods had her gang raped for a reason. Expect she was a monster in her last life’

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