UK Riots – Update #ukriots

London Riots Cleanup Hackney (Mare Street and ...

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A week on from the event said to have triggered the riots across the UK (The shooting of Mark Duggan) and the country is still in outrage. Last night things were much quieter with less incidents nationwide, but the Police are still on alert, with leave cancelled, lengthened shifts for officers and PCSO‘s and high visibility presence even in areas where there has been trouble (such as my own town centre). The cleanup operations are bringing community’s together and we mourn the deaths of those caught up in the violence.

Questions are being raised by bloggers everywhere as to ‘who‘ or ‘what’ is responsible for the disgraceful behaviour of those involved in the violence and stealing that has blighted our nation.

In my first blog about the riots I reported the ‘cuts in youth clubs and family breakdowns’ were amongst the things being blamed for the actions of the rioters. Since then I have read and heard many talk about ‘disenfranchised youth’, them being ‘angry’, then you get the political and social agendas. There are reports of ‘well-dressed’ ‘professionals’ being arrested for looting, parents ‘taking’ their children to loot yet all we see on the TV is ‘gangs’ of mainly black youths, thus giving the impression that this is yet another ‘race’ issue. So much side-winding media bias all aimed at blindsiding us from the facts that those involved are not all on the ‘poverty line’, not all ‘young people’ and certainly not all black!

As I said on the first day, and I stand by this:  “This is unacceptable behaviour, that can not be blamed on any outside force other than a disgusting intent to destroy and taking advantage of a knowledge that if the police are stretched in one area then other areas are vulnerable and accessible to be targeted by these scum!!”

The one comment on my blog that really sparked my interest though was this (from George Rolph in conversation with another person)

“The police shot a popular local youth in Tottenham in order to spark trouble. They then used infiltrators in various cities to spread that trouble around the country. The purpose of the operation was to create outrage in the population at large, as a psychological tool to prevent the people overthrowing the House of Commons and its system, which is what they fear the most. Their propaganda machines in the media were all ready to go and their script written before the “trouble” kicked off. Social media programs like Twitter and Facebook were then used to control the reactions/actions of the people. The whole thing is one big black psy-ops experiment carried out in rehearsal because something bigger is in the pipeline.”

Note: The man saying this to me did NOT say overthrow the government, but overthrow the House Of Commons. When I asked why he said, ‘That is the seat of the system. If that falls it all falls. It does not matter which government is in power because that is all an illusion anyway.’

This was followed up by the sharing of the following video clip:

The suggestion being that ‘provocateurs’ were used to incite the rioting from the start of these events, the ‘peaceful’ gathering to mark the death of Mark Duggan on Saturday.

What do you think?

Were ‘provocateurs’ planted amongst the peaceful mourners?

Is this whole situation a government orchestrated event?

Whatever the reality, lets just hope the worst is over now and tonight people across the UK can stay safe and not cower behind their curtains as their neighbourhood goes to the dogs…

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