Life…Bring it on… – Guest post by Ellie

This is a guest post by my good friend Ellie, hope you enjoy it 🙂

My Interview blog thingy… 😉

I am Ellie, a 33 year old hairdresser from Redditch… Wow that sounds boring hehe!

I am 33 but consider myself growing older but not yet grown up. I love the experiences 33 years has given me and I like to think I have learnt from all life’s lessons thrown at me so far, but I like to think I don’t tend to act too old or seriously generally and still have an awesome amount of fun!

My social life is very varied at the moment I am incredibly lucky I have an amazing assortment of friends who have an eclectic mixture of tastes in every aspect of life and they all enrich and support my life in their own different ways. Bleedin nutters most of them too! 😉 I am a Facebook addict…to keep track of people’s birthdays of course… I play pool in a team, poker in a tournament, and love to join in with random quizzes and games but I have to stop myself being too competitive sometimes and I have a tendency to take charge, boss people around and can be overbearing which I know annoys people sometimes but can come in handy. I LOVE fancy dress, I recently held a “Zombie” themed birthday party where everyone dressed up as zombies or zombie killers, I made a Corpse called Boris, went through a litre of fake blood, floated dead bodies in my pond, and had a cake with a severed arm on top… wow explaining THAT one to the lady in the cake shop was interesting…

Zombie Ellie and Andy

My work often presents me with challenges which keeps running my little hair salon very interesting! It is a small salon, just 5 of us in total but we keep quite busy and clients often compliment us on the relaxed friendly atmosphere! The area my salon is based means we get a real variety of clientele from the simplest roller-set to the technical brain-aches of colour corrections and high fashion techniques. Think my green hair inspires clients more than it puts them off… I have a lot of really fantastic regular customers who I would consider friends and we have quite a few new people visit too. I always say though I work feckin hard but I play just as hard!
All in all I am a very positive person and am always trying to get people to look for the bright side or put themselves in other people’s shoes. My friends, family and I had a horrible year in 2009; my partner (of 14 years) at the time had a very serious motorbike accident on 14th March 2009 which changed a lot of our lives permanently. This year particularly reinforced my positive thinking philosophy and the importance of surrounding yourself with the right people. “Those that mind don’t matter, and those that matter don’t mind”.
My friends and family were awesome in 2009, I am so proud to say each and every one of them is a part of my life no matter how often or infrequently I get to see them. They supported my then partner and I through the accident itself, hospital visits, the resulting disability (Dave is a paraplegic since the accident and is in a wheelchair) A month before the accident we had just put the wheels in motion to move house. Luckily the new house was next to my parents, had a downstairs bedroom with en-suite and is a lot more open plan and wheelchair friendly so I decided to carry on with the move. Dave was still very ill in hospital so thank goodness for all the support! With running the salon, moving house, organising visiting times to the hospital, and supporting Daves rehabilitation I was close to breaking point a few times. Dave and I split up in March 2010; we decided circumstances had made us totally different people. I still consider his family part of my own and am in touch with them regularly. Luckily we have remained close friends and as I type this he is due to move out tomorrow into a flat while the bungalow he has bought is adapted for his needs, so I am surrounded by cardboard boxes and clutter ready for the move!

2010 was an awesome year all-in-all, I was determined to live a little and went on several holidays including trips to Majorca with Dave and his parents, Amsterdam for the Pride festival, and a villa holiday with 6 others in Malaga. I also went to music festivals, gigs, parties and several (mainly laughable) dates. Hehehe the dates were funny! I never really *did* dating as Dave and I were together for a long time, and the whole “flirting via text”, the actual “date politics” and the social networking antics a single person could get up to, I found absolutely fascinating and enjoyed every minute! A few single friends and I terrorised the male (and mebbe a bit of the female) population of the local areas regularly and some very wild nights ensued! I guess I quite enjoyed the subsequent speculation and downright gossip this often caused and often did nothing to confirm or deny various rumours, in fact it was a source of great amusement to me! I did see a couple of people more seriously in this time but nobody exclusively really and one fella particularly I now realise was a complete waste of space! (Thank you friends again, you know who you are!)

On a couple of these lovely random nights out I happened across Andy, a family friend who was on leave and eventually left the army, I would buy him a drink to show my appreciation of the very brave and worthwhile job he did and to cut a long (sometimes steamy lol!) story short we are now in a really great relationship, details of which are not really blogging material so ner! ;pp

Whoa this blog ended up long! Hope I haven’t bored y’all too much with my first ever guest blog hehe!

Keep smiling lovely peopleses, and if you see me out and about be sure to say hi and buy me a drink!

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