What we got up to on our Butlins Skegness Family Holiday – Part 1

The first of our two family summer holidays this year was a trip to Butlins Skegness.  We drove across from the Midlands to the East coast on Monday, arriving late afternoon for our 4pm check-in.  The journey was not much fun as it is mainly ‘A’ roads which takes ages :/

On arrival we collected our keys, dropped our luggage in the rooms then went straight to the restaurant for our evening meal (we had booked half-board so dinner and breakfast were included). There was a good selection of food choices, I opted for Chicken Tikka Masala 🙂

After eating we looked at the entertainment guide to plan what we wanted to do for the evening, to be honest I wasn’t very impressed with the range of entertainment options, with 3 clubs, the pavilion and several other bars I had expected a better variety, but the choices were mainly different music options and a bit of comedy/magic. In addition to the lack of variety we had also noticed that people had been queuing outside the venues for at least an hour before they opened for the evening! As you can imagine there were no seats available in any of the clubs by the time we went in to see if the music/comedy was any good… We went into CentreStage first, but came straight out after being moaned at for standing in people’s view (we were looking for somewhere to sit/stand – what else are you meant to do when the place is rammed to capacity?). So we went over to Reds, where after a while we did get a seat.  A live band (Code Red) were playing covers of recent chart hits, they were actually quite good.  The youngest member of our family group got tired early and was also not happy with how loud it was in the club, so tootled off to bed at about 8.30. The rest of us stayed in Reds for ‘Comedy with Andy Leach’ – not funny very old, rubbish jokes with a bit of silly childish magic tricks thrown in, I actually left before he finished to go back to our room and read my book instead as I was ‘that’ unimpressed.

Next morning after a hearty full English breakfast we signed the 9 year old up with the kids club so she could do ‘street-dance’ classes and tennis while the teens went off and did their own thing and we read our books before taking her to see the ‘puppet castle’ show (which she decided after was a bit babyish for her, lol).  The we went on the High Ropes course, the teens raced ahead and the 9 year old needed plenty of encouragement from the instructor to get her moving as she was very scared – thankfully she went before me or she would have been even more worried after seeing me, I am the ‘worst’ at these things – I’ve been going on activity holidays for years but still get terrified and shake like a leaf trying to overcome my fears, it hasn’t helped at all but I keep going back for more! lol I managed to complete the course and by the time we were half way round the 9 year old was shouting encouragement back to me she had gotten into it so much 🙂  After the previous nights disappointing entertainment we decided to go offsite for the evening to Skengess Stadium for a bit of motorhead fun. We watched the Mini Stox, GT Hot Rods, and Oval Legends racing – great cars, great smells and then some wickedly funny madness when the Robin Reliant 3-wheelers came out to ‘race’ – although it was more of a ‘how many times can they roll the cars over’ than a race! hehe. Finally the BigFoot monster truck came out for some stunts and car crushing – all in all a brilliant night out, even the 9 year old loved it (the teens didn’t want to come!?)

Skegness Stadium

Third day we took a stroll round Skegness for a bit of souvenir shopping and popped in for a visit with my dad who lives a few miles away from Skegness. When we got back I was not feeling very well, so while the others went off to the evening entertainment I went for a sleep – I was burning up, yet feeling very cold with a headache and nausea 😦

I was still feeling unwell when we got up on Thursday morning, so I went back to the room after breakfast while the others went swimming in the onsite pool – Splash Waterworld.  By lunchtime I felt a bit better so I joined them to watch the Superslam Wrestling which was good fun for all the family I’ve always been a bit of a wrestling fan (although when they were talking about the WWE stars coming to Butlins later in the year I discovered how much I’ve let it slip as I didn’t recognise any of the wrestlers names – in my day it was Shaun Micheals, The Undertaker and Brett the Hitman Hart I liked best!) That evening the kids went to the onsite cinema to watch Horrid Henry and we watched Captain America – totally cool film, you should go see it!

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