What we got up to on our Butlins Skegness Family Holiday – Part 2

Thankfully I was much better the following morning and after breakfast we went off to Fantasy Island Funfair and markets at Ingoldmells a short walk away from the Butlins site.  We picked up some bargains at the market stalls and were amazed by the number of counterfeit goods on sale – Ugg boots for £30, clear fakes as the label inside said ‘saint galante’ and you could buy the same boots without the fake Ugg label on the back for £10 less! lmao, shocking how many people were buying the fakes! We paid for the kids to go on some of the rides but it was a bit expensive for such a small funfair £20 for a wristband – almost as much as you pay for ‘decent’ amusement parks like Alton Towers – still the kids had fun and I got to go on the Log flume with them (the only funfair ride I like). we got back on site in time to see Titan the Robot (from Big brother) doing a photo shoot and show, the teens were excited to get photographed with him and when he ‘cried’ water all over them they found it hilarious!? We decided to give the evening entertainment another go as it was Karaoke night in Jaks. I was going to sing, but the song choices were very out of date and they didn’t have any of my favourites but after we had listened to about 6 renditions of Bruno Mars’ ‘The Lazy Song’ the kids found Starship ‘Nothings Gonna Stop Us Now’ on the list so they put me and the other half down to do it together – it turned out really good, a proper crowd pleaser – people even got on the dance floor for the first time all night! lol and we had fun doing it too of course – me singing properly/seriously and him ‘bigging’ it up and being silly, we were also one of the few to move around the stage rather than stand stock still staring at the words (I knew most of them anyway so only needed the odd glance to check).

Saturday was another day onsite, the kids enjoyed panning for gold – everyone else was only there for 15 minutes or so, not ours nearly 2 hours and half a cup full of gold they collected! Then we played adventure golf and all three kids won a free round, which they decided to save for later. Then we played tennis on the courts, the kids went on a ride around the site on one of the 4-seater fun bikes from the hire shop. We then enjoyed a bit of Archery and relaxed on the beach with the giant deckchairs – this is one of the few times you will see me laying around doing nothing, I don’t do lazing around on beaches, I need to be busy! After dinner we left the kids to play on the arcades and funfair while we went off to the Embassy Theatre to see Jimmy Carr – Laughter Therapy. I can’t share any of the great jokes and one-liners he came out with as they are far too crude for here; but it was great how he got the audience to participate. First he wanted someone to interview; he ended up choosing a guy who thought he had come to see Lee Evans! The guy also met the Beatles in 1964 (before they were hugely famous) when they were bottom of the bill on a night out that only cost ‘2&6 pence’ and when the show ended you got a ‘bag of chips and a pickled onion’ as you left, the guy was trying really hard to be funny but just couldn’t keep up with Jimmy. Later Jimmy wanted to do a ‘double-act’ with an audience member, so he got a girl and a guy up to tell some jokes and the rest of the audience voted which he would work with. The guy worked in the Spar shop at butlins and was a complete tool – of course that made the audience laugh at him so he won for being so stupid. Before he left the stage he had begged Jimmy to let him tell his own joke and completely fluffed it! Not only was it an old joke but he was screwing it up all they way through and then the punchline should have been ‘waiting for the queen’s legs to open’ but he said ‘waiting for the pub to open to have a drink at the queen’s legs’ complete FAIL! After the show Jimmy came out to sign our programmes, he is shorter and skinnier than I expected – he liked my tattoo lol

Our last full day on site before going home was spent playing snooker (not quit as much fun as pool, my usual game) and laser quest; some time in the arcades and play areas and packing in between. We watched Extreme Gravity as show with guys on bmx, inline skates, scooters and trail bikes doing stunts, the stunts were awesome! A final few rides on the funfair then we left the teens to go in the club while we put the youngest to bed early so she would be okay for the journey home, which gave me time to finish reading my third book of the holiday, lol.

After breakfast, the kids used their free golf game whilst we loaded up the car then it was time for the long drive home… Overall we had a very enjoyable week and will be back at Butlins Skegness in a month for the adults only (over 18’s) 90’s Reloaded weekend to celebrate our engagement with some of our friends 😀

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