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Okay, so I have been posting regularly for some time now, possibly almost too much at times.  But, I have had a lot to write about and of course I was also doing the #30dayblog challenge.  Now that I have been back at work for a while I don’t have quite as much spare time as I did before (even though I am still only working part-time and will be for some time).  In addition I am also doing another two Open University courses, photography (for pleasure) and DD308 Making Social Worlds (Sociology), which is towards completing my second honors degree with the OU as I only needed 90 credits to get a second degree, this will count for 60 of those and then I just need to do a further 30 point course to attain the second degree – which hopefully I will be able to get another 2.1 😀

As if work and study isn’t enough (is it ever for me?) I am also working on writing 3 books at the moment, a children’s book – using work I did when I was 11; my life story – which I started writing back in 2006 and dip in and out of all the time but now I want to make a big push on it and get it done so it covers the first 35 years of my life (I’m 35 this year) and thirdly I had an idea for a fiction book whilst I was on holiday and started writing an introductory chapter for my science fiction, futuristic story.  As you can imagine writing  as these is going to take some time!

Along with guest posts I have been asked to write for other sites!  All these things mean less free time for writing my own blog and of course I also have to have some time to spend with my family, friends and socialising; therapy sessions, wedding planning and anything else that comes along… yikes! But, I always say I like to be busy… lol

Of course I dont want to ditch the blog, I still have loads of things to write about!  I want to finish the collection of BPD blogs intended in my post about ‘how the BPD Criteria apply to me‘, I have more interviews, topical/opinion posts and much more besides that I want to write about. So, how am I going to juggle all this (and normal life as well, lol)?  Well, for a start I think I am going to reduce my blogging schedule to 3 days a week and only do more if/when I have the time.  I will see how that goes for a while and update you again if there are to be any further changes. I hope not to do any less than 3 posts a week, as that would be a huge reduction that I am not sure I could handle! lol most of my posts will remain lengthy (as always) but there will be a few shorter ones (such as this), and of course when I receive them I will include guest posts (which reminds me I must email Dan)

I hope you will continue to enjoy reading my posts, and please feel free to drop me a line with any feedback or comments at any time – I always welcome constructive criticism 🙂 let me know if you want me to write about a specific topic or guest blog for you – as you can tell I can write about anything – challenge me! hehe 😉


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  1. Good luck with the Open University courses, Sharon 🙂 I’m so tempted to sign up for more – I’d love to get into it all again. I’m deliberately not looking at what’s available because I know it’ll be a slippery slope, and before I know it I’ll be signed up for 120 points!

    • Thanks Angela, I know what you mean – it’s so tempting to just do those extra 30 now too so I can get that degree, but I need to not push myself too hard too fast! and there’s always next year… 😉 hehe

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